Captive Call Centers in India

A company that wants to outsource work to India will either have to hire services of third-party call centers or set up captive centers in India. There is the option of combining both these aspects as well.

Captive call centers are basically call centers that are operated by a company to service their own clients and not the clients of other companies. In the past few years, captive centers in India have seen tremendous changes with some of them closing down and several other new ones opening up.
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India Home To MNC R&D Centers And Captive Units

Nasscom reports one-third of India’s $70 billion (Rs 380,000 crore) software export revenue comes from R&D centres and captives of multinational firms.

India has 700 captive units of which 70 were setup in 2012.

Should You Setup A Captive Unit

Few questions that you need to dwell upon before deciding on starting your own center are:

  1. Is it a one one-off outsourcing assignment or a long term assignment?
  2. How much flexibility do you want for future downsizing or expansion?
  3. Are you using any proprietary technologies? If so, captive could be better.
  4. Do you want to control the day to day operation?
  5. Is it better to build a captive centre from scratch or acquire one?

Some of the captive centers in India are listed below.

  1. Accenture: The captive center of Accenture is located in Bangalore. The company is a consulting, technology services as well as an outsourcing company. They have collaborated with clients to transform them into high-performance businesses.
  2. Allstate Solutions Private Ltd. in Bangalore is a subsidiary which is fully owned by Allstate Corporation. The company provides BPO solutions and software development services to support Allstate Corporation. The Bangalore center was opened in Dec 12, 2012 and has hired more than 60 people and has plans of hiring more than 1700 employees in IT in the coming two or three years.
  3. American Express: American Express or AmEx is a company that offers global financial services and has set up captive centers in India at Delhi and Gurgaon. The company specializes in credit card, travelers’ cheque and charge card businesses.
  4. BA Continuum India Private Ltd, founded in 2003 and operating from Hyderabad, provides BPM solutions for the Bank of America branches in the bank’s various business aspects such as consumer banking, small business banking, cards services, investment management, global wealth management etc.
  5. British Airways: British Airways caters to global clientele offering extensive route network all over the world connecting several centrally-located networks. The captive centers have employees managing error handling, passenger accounting as frequent flier miles.
  6. Citibank has over 900 professionals who work at the banks centers of excellence located in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Gurgaon. They handle critically sensitive projects in transaction services, consumer banking, investment banking and risk management. The banks operations have been planned to expand to Mumbai as well, considering the financial talent pool available there.
  7. DELL International Services: This is the services and support division of the multinational company which has a strong presence in India catering to PC customers. This division has operations in Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Bangalore in India.
  8. D-Link: D-Link India Ltd. is a subsidiary of D-Link Corporation. The networking company is one the largest of its kind in India engaged in distribution and marketing of networking products.
  9. Deutsche Network Services Pvt Ltd (dNETS) functions as a part of Deutsche Bank, based in Whitefield, Bangalore, and works on cash management and payment processing. The business and private clients corporate division of Deutsche bank caters to financial services and branch banking to self employed clients, medium and small customers businesses as well as private customers across the world.
  10. Fidelity Investments in Gurgaon has Europe and UK contact center and operations and have professionals who provide customer services and operational services to investors in Europe and UK. The Asset Management Company of Fidelity also offers customer care.
  11. GE Capital Service based in Gurgaon is a finance provider. The company also leverages the global knowledge of TE in order to offer smart financial solution that helps in the growth of the company’s local customers.
  12. Global e-Business Operations Pvt., Ltd. is a business process outsourcing company (BPO) founded in 2000 with their office at Bangalore. The company is a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard (HP) Europe BV. The company offers integrated services in human resource, decision support, supply chain management, finance and accounting as well as business analytics.
  13. JP Morgan: It was in 2003 that the major bank in US set up captive centers in Technopolis Knowledge Park in Mumbai and MindSpace in Malad.  The unit is responsible for transaction processing for financial services, investment management and investment banking as well as research activities. Another similar unit was set up in Bangalore in 2004. The company set up their fourth global center in Hyderabad as well.
  14. Morgan Stanley Advantage Services: This is a company that is fully owned by Morgan Stanley and was incorporated in Mumbai in 2003. The company offers support services to institutional securities businesses of Morgan Stanley world-wide. A host of specialist services from IT development and financial modeling to research is provided by the company.
  15. Prudential Process Management Services is a subsidiary of prudential Plc which is wholly owned. In India the company is based in Mumbai operating out of two sites with an employee base of over 1200. The PPMS provides knowledge services, customer services, human resources, information technology and risk management.
  16. Sitel India is the second largest center of the company offshore. Established in 2000, the company’s locations in India are at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. The company services clients in diverse domains such as technology, financial services, manufacturing, media and entertainment, communication, travel etc.
  17. Visual Graphics Computing Services India  has two offices in India in Trivandrum and Chennai. The company is a fully owned McKinsey & Company subsidiary. The company is responsible for the production and design of visual communication materials such as charts, graphics, onscreen animated presentations, multi-media products, overhead transparencies etc for the global offices of McKinsey.

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