10 Predictions for Big Data Impact on Business in 2015

The Big Data market is on the upsurge. New trends and new opportunities are entering the market and impacting several businesses in a major way. Big publications and various other sources have predicted that Big Data will bring about many changes in technology and cause new business opportunities to emerge and improve existing business conditions.

Let us have a look at the major Big Data predictions that are expected to dominate the market and the business sector in 2015.

1. Business Intelligence is expected to evolve into Data Intelligence

The year 2015 is expected to bring about some crucial changes to business intelligence. The predictions forecast that Business Intelligence or BI will evolve from being just a tool for reporting to data intelligence.

It will have its reach in every aspect of the society, from governments to cities to individuals who will be using it for a number of tasks such as prevention of traffic, fraud detection, monitoring personal health, keeping track of diseases, etc.

This means, business intelligence is slated to extend its reach well beyond the business world and directly enter into the everyday lives of people and make an impact on their decisions.

2. Mobile Business Intelligence will come of age

Though Business Intelligence has come a long way, the same cannot be said about mobile business intelligence. In fact mobile business intelligence has not been able to make much headway due to the reason that business intelligence generally does not work well with mobile devices.

The normal tendency by users is to avoid reading data in depth on a mobile device, but get straight to the point instead. However, as the focus turns to mobile and everything is shifting to mobile devices, the approach to business intelligence is expected to change and follow the general trend.

Visualizations are expected to be replaced by simple graphs, hard numbers, etc. As people continue to access data on the go, there is only one way for business intelligence, and that is to go mobile for greater accessibility by the users.

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3. Managing Unstructured data will be a reality

Unstructured data has been the cause of many obstacles in the past. But it is predicted that in 2015 things will change for the better. It will finally be possible for companies and organizations to handle unstructured data in a meaningful manner.

4. Major changes are expected in Cloud strategies

The general perception is that cloud is a solution that is suitable for all kinds of deployment. However, now enterprises are giving it a serious thought and are taking a different approach to determine the future strategy for cloud and Big Data.

With the increase in computer capacity and the ability to process and analyse Big Data, numerous possibilities have opened up. But the thing to keep in mind for companies and organizations is that the increase in their cloud and Big Data initiatives must not cause any problem for their infrastructure’s availability and performance.

It will be the duty of the IT departments to keep a watch on the service and performance of their infrastructure that involves both on premise private and hybrid cloud deployments, and this must be done in real time.

5. Need for Analysed data will increase

As the need for analysed data increases, the pressure will be on IT to meet the demands. More and more users are expected to use analysed data for their everyday lives as the reach of Big Data further increases among the people.

6. Security issues of IT pros and business executives will be resolved

There have been several instances in 2014 when large organizations suffered security beaches and issues related to compliance. Some of such issues were a result of outdated strategies of data governance that failed to manage the increasing repository of data.

But 2015 will see the IT pros and business executives rise to the occasion of security needs, compliance and management. The combination of effective technology and strategy will result in assessment, monitoring and protection of the company’s or organization’s data at the core of the data centre.

7. The comfort of Cloud will give way

The hype that cloud is the solution for the Big Data problem is about to burst. The fact is that public cloud is a dreadful location to place your Big Data. In 2015 the main issues for companies will be related to the performance, security and cost of managing data on public cloud.

Companies will have to think for achieving scalability without having to compromise on performance or affordability. There has been concern about this issue for a while now but it seems 2015 will be the year when things will change as a large number of companies will be forced to step out of the comfort zone of using public cloud and start to look for new ways to handle their Big Data.

8. Appropriate storage solutions will be favoured

It has been the concern of enterprises for quite a while now to look for appropriate storage solutions that will meet their goals of performance, scalability and accessibility. Enterprises are not fascinated by the fact that they have to pay for performance that they don’t require.

On one hand, hierarchical approaches are focusing on becoming mainstream. On the other hand, the market is showing encouraging results regarding the acceptance of open solutions that involve commodity hardware.

It is expected that in 2015 the market will be the place for those storage solutions that rise to the challenge of the ever-increasing unstructured data and manage the issue effectively.

9. Focus will be on Search in Big Data and BI

The trend indicates that ‘search’ will be the focus of BI interfaces. As more and more business users want to get maximum utility from their business intelligence interfaces, BI providers will incorporate search into their interfaces. The aim is to make such tools more acceptable and accessible for every business user.

10. Media Analytics will emerge as a key drive

The prediction for Big Data says that rich media analytics will be a key factor for technology investment in relation to Big Data. Rich media analytics involve image, audio and video analytics. As the market trend of Big Data indicates, several large organizations are utilizing rich media data for their Big Data analytics projects.

Though all organisations have not yet started to use rich media, the year 2015 will see a substantial rise in the number of organizations and companies that will start using rich media analytics.


Big Data is still an emerging trend. Some enterprises and companies have already recognised its potential and some are still trying to understand its need and utility for success.

Apart from the customers of Big Data, there are the vendors and consultants of Big Data who are trying to make organizations and individuals realise the importance of Big Data.

As the world steps into a new year, the trends of business for Big Data show that it will have significant impact on the business sector in this year.

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