10 Reasons for the Youth to Select the BPM Industry

The Business Process Management (BPM) industry in India is progressing at a fast pace. Along with its growth and expansion, the industry is also creating job opportunities for the youth of the country.

At present the industry is providing employment to about 1 million young and talented Indians.

Giraffe family. Photographer MD Ramawami

Giraffe family. Photographer MD Ramawami

What are the reasons that are attracting the youth to build their careers in the BPM industry? Let us explore the top 10 reasons for selecting the BPM industry:

  1. High Entry-level Salary – The BPM industry offers very high entry-level salaries or remuneration packages. In fact, the salaries offered at the entry-level are among the best in the country. Moreover, the industry also offers very good incentives and performance based bonuses.
  2. Fast Track Career Path – The industry provides well-defined fast track career paths. Employees can have a challenging career along with professional growth and progression. Employees also have the opportunity for long term career avenues in the industry.
  3. Scope For Diverse Professionals – The BPM industry offers scope for people belonging to diverse professional backgrounds and qualifications. From fresh graduates to experienced professionals, there is scope for all bright minds in the industry.
  4. Emphasis on Training – The industry lays special emphasis on training new entrants and improving or upgrading their skills. BPM companies train their employees to develop their job skills, domain expertise, leadership qualities and managerial capabilities. Such training can be beneficial for the employees for rapid growth and progress.
  5. Better Work Opportunities – The BPM industry provides the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most prestigious companies from all over the world. As India is the global leader in the BPM services, some of the best companies from across the world have ties with the BPM sector in India.
  6. Scope for Personality Development – The industry provides ample scope to improve personality skills and confidence level through global exposure. Often the grooming and development of personality is carried out by industry experts, which is a major plus point for the employees.
  7. Attractive Benefits – The industry provides several attractive benefits for the employees, such as free medical insurances, periodic health check-up, health awareness drives, etc. Transportation facilities are also provided for the employees by the BPM companies.
  8. Retirement Benefits – The industry provides retirement benefits such as provident fund and gratuity. BPM companies provide medical and life insurance for the employees. Such benefits provide monetary security against unforeseen circumstances.
  9. Flexibility of Work Hours – The BPM industry provides the flexibility of time. It allows the employees to work in shifts.
  10. Lively Work Atmosphere – The industry provides the opportunity to work in a lively atmosphere. Several BPM companies offer the facilities of hobby club, cultural events and other programs to make the work environment stress-free for the employees.

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