30% year on year increase in IT deals in 2012: Zinnov

Zinnov, an advisory firm for globalization and market expansion, released its ‘Quarterly IT Deal Tracker for India Market’ which gives an insight about the IT deals that occurred in India from the first quarter of 2011 to the third quarter of 2012.

The tracker found that there had been an increase in IT deals in India with the count around 500 deals that took place in enterprise as well as SMB (small and medium sized business) segments. It also shed light on the key trends shaping the various verticals such as BFSI, telecom, education, travel and logistics, retail, energy and utilities, IT and ITeS, government and manufacturing.

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According to the report, almost 80% of the total IT deals during this period happened in the verticals government, education, manufacturing, IT-ITeS and BFSI. Modern IT solutions such as cloud, mobility, social and big data are only slowly improving in the country in spite of all the hype. A brief look at the increase in IT deals in India in different verticals is given.

Reflections of the IT deals on different verticals

Manufacturing vertical: Around 39% percent deals in this vertical encompassed CRM, SCM and ERP related deals. The leaders in this vertical were Microsoft, IBM and SAP.

BFSI: This vertical saw a number of banking solutions enhancements with a significant number of modern IT deals. IBM, VMware and Oracle emerged as the leaders in this vertical.

IT adoption in the government: IT adoption drive in the government increased at a significant pace especially in large government bodies and ministries. Hardware firms like Lenovo and Acer are the leading vendors while IBM and Oracle lead in the field of infrastructure deals.

IT/ITes vertical: In this vertical, almost 46% were modern IT deals with a majority of them based on the cloud. The key leaders in this vertical prove to be Oracle and Microsoft.

Education sector: This vertical witnessed a large number of deals with e-classroom/management solutions being the deals in K-12 sector and the implementation of cloud services being the basis of deals in higher education. The leaders in this vertical were Educomp, Oracle and Microsoft.

Retail: Foe retails firms, 45% of the deals were based on Modern IT with focus on customer experience solutions based on the cloud. Other major categories were BPM, ERP/CRM and HR solutions. The leaders of the retail sector were Microsoft, Kronos and Oracle.

Energy and utilities vertical: This vertical emphasized SCM/ERP/CRM based solutions and business analytics. The key leaders in among the MNCs were IBM, Dassault Systemes and SAP with Newgen being the key ISV (Independent Software Vendor) from India.

Logistics: Mid-sized logistics firms pushed for solutions in business management like ERP/CRM and software for freight management and niche logistics. Ports and airports got improved IT facilities in security, customer handling as well as business process streamlining.

The ‘Quarterly IT Deal Tracker for India Market’ from Zinnov shows that SMBs are beginning to grow at a healthy rate in terms of IT consumption. The adoption of modern IT services has also been increasingly popular. New verticals such as retail and education are also realizing the potential of IT solutions for transforming their businesses. India is slowly emerging as a market which many IT companies are intending to penetrate.

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