4 BPM tips for gaining success and impact in 2013: Gartner

Gartner held its BPM summit in U.K. last week and is gearing up for the U.S. BPM Summit scheduled from April 2 to 4 in Maryland.

Prior to the summit, Samantha Searle, BPM research analyst at Gartner shares some success factors for 2013 in BPM industry. According to her, Gartner found that too much focus on employee productivity in BPM can lead to reduced customer satisfaction which is seen very commonly now.

She also said that giving employees a better process visibility will help improve the overall performance of the company. This will help them adjust responses so as to align with the goals.
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BPM success tips

Searle shared four BPM tips for gaining success and impact in BPM industry that encompasses process, people and technology.

  1. Importance of right metrics: Searle stressed on the importance of being familiar with all the metrics of a company including processes, impacts as well as results. This will help in delivering the expected business outcomes as well as elicit immense customer satisfaction. She quoted the example of the Spanish internet direct insurance company, Verti, who were one of the winners of BPM Excellence Award ion ‘Most Effective Use of BPM Technology’ in Gartner’s U.K. Summit.
  2. Accountability for using the identified metrics: After the metrics and measurements have all been set, the next step is to find the people accountable for using these metrics in order to meet the business goals. Failure can often be attributed due to lack of establishing accountability for these metrics in organizations. Governance and metrics are very challenging areas for clients but unavoidable for BPM success. To address the issues, Gartner holds sessions dedicated to this area during the organization’s UK and US summits.
  3. Listening to your business users: Engaging business users and listening to their work is highly crucial as this is beyond just imparting feel-good vibes. Listening to how people do their work can help in establishing richer and quicker BPM value. This also helps in minimizing the resistance that can come about because of change caused in between projects. This will also help bridge the gap between the business users and IT staff. The tip has been leveraged in an excellent manner by LEGO group, yet another winner of BPM Excellence Award.
  4. Speak business language, not technical jargon: This is one of the important success factors that tend to be overlooked often.  Searle emphasized the need to bring everyone on the same page so as to better understand the BPM projects. This means that fancy descriptions an terms related to technology or methodology have to be avoided in favor of business outcomes and benefits

At the next summit of the Gartner in Maryland, the organization will recognize the three other BPM Excellence Award winners. They are Banco Supervielle based in Argentina, The Information Systems Division of San Joaquin County in California and Intel Corp.


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