5 Career Paths That You Can Pursue in Analytics

Analytics is a relatively new career option. In the last decade this field has evolved significantly. As more and more companies adopt Big Data analysis to improve their business possibilities, the scope for analysts is also on the rise.

Analytics is gradually becoming a useful part of business. With the demand for talented analysts increasing rapidly, various interesting career paths are evolving for analysts.

Let us have a look at 5 career paths that you can pursue in analytics.

1. Analytics Programmer

An analytics programmer is mainly responsible for writing computer code to manipulate and process data. The other responsibilities of an analytics programmer include accessing, handling and managing data, performing complex queries and data analysis. An analyst programmer must possess proficient programming skills and the ability to handle software efficiently.

2. Analytics Data Modeller

A data modeller’s work involves separating a mass of data into a structure that can be comprehended by computers and is useful for business. A data modeller’s responsibilities also include converting business needs into conceptual, logical, and physical data models.

Data modellers deal with issues such as decreasing redundancy of data in an existing computer system or devising improved methods to move data from one system to another.

3. Analytics Solutions Expert

An analytics solutions expert deals with conceptualizing and creating analytics solutions that helps in solving business issues. The job of a solutions expert requires the ability to comprehend the problem and to devise a viable analytical framework to solve the issue.

A solutions expert also advises and recommends the best methods that can be adopted to solve the problems.

4. Data Storyteller

A data storyteller’s main role is to create an impactful story that will have the desired effect on the client. A data storyteller interprets the insights generated through analytics and then uses the skills of storytelling to explain the insights across various levels of an organization.

One of the essential tasks of a data storyteller is to have the ability for understanding the business of the client and create suitable strategies conceptualized from the insights drawn from analysis.

5. Analytics Salesperson

An analytics salesperson shoulders the responsibility of convincing prospective clients to adopt analytics for their business. Their main task is to study and understand the business of a client and then effectively communicate to the client regarding how analytics can be beneficial for the business. They have to point out the profitability of the proposed analytics solution against the current system so that clients will be encouraged to use analytics in their business.

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