5 Tips to Initiate a Career in Big Data Analytics

With the advent of Big Data several organizations have realized its true potential and have adopted it to gain a competitive edge against their competitors. This has led to an increased demand of skilled analysts who can handle the various aspects of Big Data with ease. This requirement for knowledgeable and expert analysts has opened up the scopes for a flourishing career in analysis.

Mentioned below are 5 tips to initiate a career in Big Data analytics.

Image Source Edukart.com

Image Source Edukart.com

Start with the tools

Tools are an essential part of Big Data analysis. Anybody aspiring to start a career in Big Data analysis must get familiar with the tools first. You can start with any tool that is available to you. Some of the common data analytics tools are SAS, SPSS, SQL, MATLAB, Statistica, Tableau and Orange.

You do not need to know everything about the tools, but you must acquire thorough knowledge to understand how these tools work and what purpose they serve in data analysis. It is better to gain expertise in handling just one tool initially. There are a number of open source data analytics tools available today, such as R and Weka (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis). You can easily start with any such tool.

Master the tricks of the trade

The tools are just one part of the analysis affair; you need to master the tricks as well. There are several professional courses available to teach you the intricacies of data analysis. Learning the details of analysis from an experienced person is also a good idea. Then there are a number of self-help tutorials that are available online. You can take help from such tutorials as well.

One thing to note is that professional courses and tutorials may not prepare you completely to face the real challenges of a data analyst. The only way to gain knowledge about such things is to have practical knowledge or take help from seasoned analysts.

Apply your knowledge

Identify how and where you can practically apply your knowledge. Think if you can use your knowledge of analytics within the scope of your current job profile. Try to identify data sources and how they can be used to derive effective insights. Do not take a very ambitious approach at the initial stage, but start with efforts to generate simple insights.

One of the things to learn at this stage is to realise that not all statistics are relevant or important. You will have to learn how to recognise the data that are relevant for your needs and ignore the rest.

Summarise your work

Once you start deriving useful insights from the relevant data, translate the insights into reports that can be generated at fixed intervals of time and for various kinds of data. This will help you to build a business intelligence or BI system for the analytics work you are doing. Based on your reports and the BI system you can create a case study of your work.

You can approach your top management with your case study or present it as part of your resume while job hunting. There is no dearth of opportunities for an analyst who has complete command over his data analysis work.

Keep your knowledge updated

Once you are determined about beginning a career in analytics, do not lose your focus. Keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the analytics field. Join blogs on analytics and follow threads.

Read articles, post views and participate in discussions regarding the latest things that are happening in the Big Data analysis sphere. Learn how analysis is being used by various businesses and what the upcoming trends in data analysis are.

By keeping yourself updated and increasing your knowledge about data analysis, you will be constantly moving towards a fruitful career in analytics.

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