6 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Transcription Services

Since, the world is getting more and more obsessed with the well-documented information; it has become all the more important to have an effective way of archiving the information and preserve it in black and white. So the most convenient way is to hire general transcription service provider, and believe me – the concept has gained immense popularity in the last decade.

It is believed that hiring a transcription service will certainly save you time and trouble; however, this can go unexpectedly wrong if you do not approach service providers carefully. Instead of lessening the burden; the goof up might create extra and unplanned work.

So, in order to hire the best transcription services; here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while you are looking out for or pursuing transcription services providers.


1. Lack of Proper Research before Hiring the Transcriptionist

Among a number of things that fall in the TO DO list; proper research is on top of all. There are numerous reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to keep asking questions before you finally hire transcriptionists; especially when you are working with them for the very first time.

Making assumption may land you in trouble; therefore, do not simply presume that every transcription service provider will possess all the necessary experience that meets your requirements. i.e., Ensure, those transcriptionists are well-versed in your native language as well, which means they should be able to understand the culture as well as basic grammar along with the vocabulary.

2. Ignoring the Location

A lot of businesses have restored to searching for transcription service providers – online; though, finding a transcription service online can save you a lot of time and in fact a huge amount of your fortune as well. But trust me; it has its own dark areas too. It doesn’t mean that you should never opt for online search; it is just that you need to be more cautious about the location of your outsourcing service partner.

If the site is based in another time zone; there are all the chances that the transcriptionist inadvertently missing the deadlines and creating further issues. However, nowadays Transcription Service Providers, provide well-timed, accurate, dependable and cost-effective transcription solutions to clients – globally. They have their executives ready to answer your queries across time zones – making outsourcing, a more convenient option for you and your business.

3. Talk the Walk – But Don’t Walk the Talk

Planning and then not sticking to original plans will definitely make it difficult to get effective transcription results. I.e. Waiting until Friday to give further orders for transcription may result into work that will not be done by Monday. So, better contact your transcription service provider on priority; in beginning of the week, so that you can a better idea of the precise turnaround time.

4. Failing to Avoid Holidays

Hire an offshore transcription service provider, and you need to take into consideration their major holidays there; chances are, that many of them might not work on some major holidays or festivals. Use these details appropriately to plan your workload.

5. Expecting Too Much Too Soon

Expecting too much in a very short span of time is perhaps the biggest blunder; you can ever make. Remember one thing, you need to give your transcription provider adequate time to finish the assignment; since rushed jobs may result into too many errors and later rectifications, which may lead to additional cost.

6. Lastly, Skipping Detailed Instructions

Be very precise while giving instructions to transcriptionists, you should not assume that they will understand everything your needs – without saying. To get the best results, communicate eloquently, so as to avoid any kind of miscommunication. Just presuming that transcriptionists know how to figure out a project simply on their own, may be the biggest mistake and it should be avoided at any cost.

Making seemingly small blunders while hiring transcription services can actually result into a disaster and a sheer wastage of time as well as resources.

About the Author

Champak Pol is a Project Manager at Hi-Tech Transcription Services and a passionate writer with the experience of 10+ years of in transcription industry. Champak has worked with several international clients and has executed transcription projects of varying scales and complexities.

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