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Fears about a bleak economic scenario and career prospects reign among the educated young population. There exists a huge disparity among rural and urban India both in terms of education and employment.

Not only are the unemployment rates growing but fresh graduates and post-graduates today lack basic skill-sets. The literacy rate in India has improved a lot compared to olden days but the job market today is not in pace with growing demands of job seekers.

Economic slowdown, today, is also taking a toll on the available job opportunities and this is definitely a cause of concern. If anything, it also indicates the lack of quality in higher education. Our educational institutions offer a number of courses but some of them do not match the industry requirements. This scenario can be changed if young and fresh graduates put into practice these six helpful tips compiled below when they initially set out to seek employment.

Broad Thinking

Broad thinking comes first in the list. This is important as narrowing down the job search will narrow down one’s employment prospects. It is not always necessary that a health science graduate interested in health administration must end up getting a job in the same area. Look out for other options like health/ medical related opportunities in the BPO industry. This is the best way as one can use available resources in BPO industry to go further in his/her career.

Be Ready to Work Anywhere/Anyplace

While searching for a job, one should not be particular about finding a job in one’s own town/locality. This will only bring about disappointment. It is important to be ready to face the challenge of working in a different place. If a person intends to take up a BPO job in a particular city but is unable to find one, he/she must consider working in other provinces where there are better opportunities.

Self-Analysis/ Research

Competition is higher when it comes to finding a job and it is important that one’s resume should be outstanding compared to others to get the best out of an opportunity. A thorough study about the company and nature of job, developing skills to meet industry requirements are essential.

Try to be Productive

It is always important to be productive for a better career. If one is unable to find a suitable full-time job, it is good to search for a part-time one or jobs of contractual nature. It is best way to keep one engaged soon out of college. Employers do not prefer graduates who have remained at home or have been unproductive as this shows lack of interest.

Opt to look beyond college placement centers

College placement offers are indeed the best place for a fresher to start but do not stop with that. Try getting in touch with job consultancies, nearest employment offices etc, to know more about the openings in BPO/ call center industry.

Positive Attitude Works

There may be a few set-backs initially because of adverse economic conditions but stay positive. Positive attitude is the key to reach great heights. There are a number of call centers out there recruiting thousands of fresh graduates expecting a possible expansion. So bank on it and grab the opportunity.

As a fresh graduate, it is highly important to involve in improving the skills that are needed to match the industry requirements rather than involving in unproductive activities. If one is focused on spending time to nurture one’s skills and talents, then chances are high to land a rewarding job.


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