A responsive contact center: Zynga and Telus case study

Most of the companies outsource their customer service activities to call centers with the purpose of reducing cost and improving efficiency in resolving customer issues. Improving the call center agent’s efficiency (reducing the number of call agents) is the primary focus for the call centre’s because it is the main operating cost item. The call centre’s imbibe this culture and instructs the agents to close the calls quickly without resolving the customer issue properly or leaving the customer to experience dissatisfaction.

Farmville by Zynga


Many of the companies do not realize the fact that call centers have the scope of delivering long-term business value. Apart from attending calls and solving queries, they can provide valuable insight about the consumer behavior, issues with products and services and new trends. A proper call center can create a long lasting brand image too in the minds of their clients.

Let us discuss a case study where Telus operated the call centers for Zynga, the leading gaming service provider.

Zynga Inc, a leading social games services provider, hired Telus international one of the largest contact center service provider to manage their customer service calls for all of its games. It included popular games like Farmville, Zynga Poker, City Ville, Castle Ville and Hidden Chronicles. However, the service had a rough start.

At the initial stages of the projects, Telus focused on the efficiency and productivity of its call agents and were not focused to meet the needs of Zynga. Zynga requirement was to delight their players. Recognizing the client’s need, Telus provided their agents extensive training to improve their knowledge on games, and this enabled the agents to understand the games from player’s point of view. The agents were able to establish an emotional connection with the players so that they could come with creative solutions to the issues players face while playing these games.

Zynga applies various metrics to measure the performance of the services provide by Telus which include Net promoter Score, customer satisfaction, customer retention and emphasis on the feedbacks from the players. The client is satisfied with the services provided by Telus as they are able to delight their customers. Telus has thus won the deal to provide services for 30 Zynga games which include games played on Facebook, Google+, Apple and Android.

The case study discussed above is the best example for the call centre companies to change their mindset. This means, they need to focus on delivering customer experience (to delight the customer) rather than focusing on the number of transactions handled by the agents. The contact centers need to understand and become more responsive to the changing demands of the multichannel customer.  This will help them to strengthen their business.

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