Australian BPO expert bets on Bangladesh as an ITES destination

Bangladesh has got some backing from a senior BPO expert and analyst as a growing BPO destination. The latest note of appreciation came from Mr Martin Conboy who is a renowned analyst and also a President of Australian Business Process Outsourcing Association. He was speaking at the Digital World Conference in Dhaka.

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According to him, the global outsourcing industry is expected to reach $124 billion by 2016 and out of this 58% would be contributed by IT enabled services. Martin spoke at the potential of Bangladesh to tap a bigger market share in the IT enabled services space as he believe the country has the right skills and resource strength to tap this potential. According to him Bangladesh could be a hot BPO destination when it comes to visual communication related tasks like web designing, graphics and animation.

He also spoke at the potential of Australia and India to target the non-voice BPO market. India has recently got pushed to the second position in voice services by Philippines. However, India has made strong inroad to the non-voice BPO segment especially in the research and analytics services spanning different industries and functional domains.

According to him though the front office services outsourcing is on the decline, the demand for creative design and visual communicated services are on the rise due to the emergence of social media and growth of internet business. Countries like India and Bangladesh who has a rich band of resources skilled to work in animation and graphics design could potentially take up bigger shares of this growing IT enabled services market.

He also explained how Indian Industry has matured over the year with respect to the BPO service offerings. The country now has the capability to address different sub verticals within the non-voice BPO segment like Finance and Accounting, Knowledge Services, Customer Interaction, Legal Processes, etc. Philippines on the other side has relied on voice related BPO services and with the fall in contact center business, the position of the country could weaken in the BPO landscape.

Mr Martin also expressed the opinion that Bangladesh should get into ITES space now and establish its credentials before other countries turn their attention to this space. Though India and Bangladesh both lack in terms of English speaking skills, their skills in creative design and technology could work to their favor in the long run.

Mr. Conboy however, has put forward suggestions for Bangladeshi Government to set up a BPO/IT ministry to focus on developing the country’s infrastructure and resource base to prepare for tapping the market potential in IT enabled services. BPO industry in Bangladesh is tipped to have a potential of clocking $5 billion per year as revenue.

(Read the article which was published in 2011 on Bangladesh’s BPO market potential).

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