Avoid These 3 Common Blunders to Get Exemplary Results from Transcription Services

Ever wondered how some of the greatest speeches have managed to survive the wear and tear of time? – Because they were transcribed; each spoken word was keenly noted down on paper and this is how it manages to breath forever. Yes, you are right the credit goes to transcription service providers who have evolved with time into a fully-fledged industry!

These days, the world is getting more and more inclined towards well-documented information, resulting into transcription no longer remaining an option. In fact, it has become more of a mandatory thing that cannot be ignored.

This trend has led to a surge in number of transcription providers across the globe; particularly in countries including India, the number is booming at exceptional pace.

This definitely, presents a huge gamut of choices; obviously making it extremely difficult and confusing to pick up a service provider who caters to your requirements and delivers exemplary results.

Hiring transcription services from India has become a norm these days. However; at times contrary to popular notion, instead of saving your time and from trouble, getting a transcriptionist adds more to it. And you will wonder what went wrong – Probably, you didn’t approach the right transcription service provider – carefully and inviting further problems and blunders, resulting into an absolute chaos.

transcription blunders

Here are some of the common mistakes that can be avoided while searching for and finalizing the best transcription service provider.

1. No thorough Research Conducted before Your Hire Transcriptionist

It is very normal to get carried away by carefully planned marketing campaigns (which are common these days); & you may start believing it and thus just fall for it, without having a proper background check. This can be extremely lethal; especially when you are investing a good chunk of your money for transcriptions.

So, it certainly is a good idea to ask questions; and by question, we mean all sort of questions, be it the stupidest ones, before picking up and closing a deal. This practice proves to be very much helpful; when you are working first time with the service provider.

2. Lack of Communication during Initial Stage of the Project

Communication plays a very crucial role, which of course cannot be undermined. And lack of it at initial (read any) stage will result into complete chaos once the project work begins.

So, have a lucid and one-to-one communication (this is highly recommended) to get into the mind of transcriptionists and let them enter yours.

Such interactions will allow you at least gauge some of the skills and determine whether it goes well with your requirements.

Another important aspect is to ensure that transcriptionist(s) is well versed in your native language; so the errors in grammar as well as the vocabulary can be minimized.

3. Absence of a Proper Action Plan

Again, interaction is something that will make a difference at this point – First of all, get it clear in your head as to what exactly you want and when – Convey the same deadlines in the most comprehensive manner to transcriptionist; to help them lay out a well-planned strategy to deliver desired results in quickest turnaround time.

And mind it, absence of such strategies will lead you to nowhere; in fact, the whole idea of getting transcription services will prove to be a suicide!

Give yourself and the service provider some time to think and plan their moves; in order to make the project a success. Success of transcription services depends on both the stakeholders – You and service provider.

Therefore, make sure to work as a team and avoid any room for mistakes to get just awesome results.

About the Author

Champak Pol is a Project Manager at Hi-Tech Transcription Services and a passionate writer with the experience of 10+ years of in transcription industry. Champak has worked with several international clients and has executed transcription projects of varying scales and complexities.

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