Bangalore triggers innovation in Asian IT and BPO

September 23, 2011: If some ask you, which is the IT capital of India or which is the Back office of the world……

Only answer is, “The garden city-Bangalore”

And now the city of gardens and IT firms is about to be crowned with a new tag line, “Innovative hub of Asia”.

While considering the history of Indian Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology (BPO-IT) industry, Bangalore has an eminent position as the city has become host for many US based companies categorizing from small to the million dollar global players. As far as the industry is concern we could find almost every top company in the IT sector having either their headquarters or regional office being established in Bangalore.   

In the recently-held India Innovation Summit 2011 at Bangalore which was conducted by CII, eminent personalities from various departments in the IT and BPO sector were present. According to them Bangalore has evolved as a favorite destination for IT and BPO players and has matured enough to be crowned as the Innovative hub of Asia. But towards the end of the session there were mixed opinion on the topic by various speakers. Some said, Bangalore to become an innovative hub of Asia must mature more and the industry in the city has to come up with more efficient research and development teams. Apart from working individually, group effort is that which is required.

The research and development department of global player such as GE, Intel, Yahoo and etc resides in the garden city. Thus the huge potential of technological professionals is an additional benefit for the industry as a whole. The Indian economy is rapidly growing and the contribution made by the IT and BPO sector is inevitable. Our IT industry is well technologically advanced and has developed to deliver the most innovative and quality service to the clients. It is not that, we are attracted by foreign direct investors only because of the cost benefits. Innovative and quality services are also major reasons. 

Even today there are US based outsourcing service buyers that entirely rely on Indian Offshore service providers even if there is enough potential and excellent service being provided from the near shore service providers. And that is only because of the wide acceptance towards innovation and technology by Indian service providers. 

Bangalore might have the best infrastructure and other facilities presently in the county, but to be crowned as the Innovative hub of Asia the city need to be improved much more particularly with it power supply facility. As far as innovation and talented man power is concern, the city is the best. If the government authorities can also join hand with the IT and BPO authorities for then it will not take much time for Bangalore to be known as the “Innovative hub of Asia” in the future.  

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