A Big Data Analytics Study You Should Never Miss

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Big data analytics has reached new heights across the globe, with Asia domineering the growth market. Not to be left behind, the analytics firms based in India have been leaving their indelible marks on the global stage.

The Analytics India Magazine points to a growing market for analytics in India. Companies like  Fisheye Analytics and Little Eye Labs have catapulted into the big league through an affiliation with the larger tech giants.

A study on the growth of analytics

The Analytics India Magazine has been consistently publishing studies on the growth of analytics companies in India and the areas where their growth is concentrated. The study they conducted for the year 2013 showed immense growth for analytics companies not only in India but also globally.

Here are some nuggets of interesting findings that the study brought to light.

  1. Although there has been consistent growth in the analytics arena across India, Bangalore is still the mother lode. Interestingly Bangalore is home to 29% of the entire analytics company population in India.This number is however seeing a decline from the previous year when Bangalore hosted a larger percentage of all the companies. Mumbai and Delhi in the same vein have been seeing smaller percentages. Mumbai dropped from 17 to 16% and Delhi moved from 15 to a mere 11%. The companies have been moving into newer territories instead of being concentrated in one or two metropolitan cities alone.
  2. The analytics firms in India have gained girth, the employee base has significantly fattened over the span of a year. Analytics firms with a total employee base of less that 50 was 71%, this year the number has dropped to 66%. This means that the companies have gained a significant foothold and have moved from the arena of experimentation.
  3. A whopping 6% of the world’s analytics companies either have operations in India or are completely based in India.
  4. The total number of companies specializing in big data analytics has multiplied three times over in India.

All these facts and more point to the undeniable and thriving presence of analytics companies in India. Persistent Systems Ltd., a company based in Pune acquired CloudSquads, a multi-national company with operations in California and Pune.

The details of the deal were not disclosed and the total sum was kept firmly under wraps. CloudSquads is an enterprise social apps platform. This acquisition will add to Persistent Systems Ltd., growing clout over the mobile, analytics, cloud and social technologies.

Apart from start-ups looking to get a piece of the pie, numerous IT giants across the nation and also globally are investing heavily in the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technology creating a wider, stronger and deeper foothold for analytics.

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