How Big Data can be Useful in our Everyday Lives

Big Data is set to impact our everyday lives in a significant manner. Over the last few years Big Data has reached out to various aspects of our lives. The trend and rapid progress of Big Data indicates that it will play a much greater role in our daily lives in the near future.

Big Data is fast becoming a relevant factor for commercial success. In fact, it has already established itself as a valuable tool in business. Countless big and small enterprises from across the world have woken up to the benefits of using Big Data to attain their business objectives.

It is predicted that Big Data will have a vast impact on society and organisations in future and bring about a substantial change in the way we lead our lives.

Obama for Big Data. Sarah A. King for The Washington Post

Image source: Obama for Big Data. Sarah A. King for The Washington Post

Application Areas of Big Data in our Everyday Lives

Now-a-days Big Data is being utilised in diverse areas of our lives such as:

  • Online transactions
  • Managing pollution
  • Controlling traffic
  • Monitoring health care facilities
  • Managing waste etc.

It is predicted that in future Big Data will play an important role in many other elements of our lives. Let us have a look at some of the areas application of Big Data in our everyday lives.

Big Data Proving to be Useful for Controlling Traffic

Traffic congestion on the road is a reality that we all dread to face. The problem is more prominent in cities that have very high population or are known to be very popular tourist destinations. The local administrations often face acute challenges to address the problem and come up with feasible solutions. As such, they are reaching out to technology for an effective solution to this problem.

This is where Big Data comes into the picture. Big Data can gather information from various sources for location of travellers, such as through smart phones and tablets. This information can then be analysed from a macro perspective to derive a solution to the traffic congestion issue.

For instance, if an accident occurs on a certain road and causes a road blockage there, commuters arriving on that route can be informed beforehand about the blockage and suggested alternate routes. Buses set to pass that way can be warned of the blockage in advance and passengers can be notified about the change of routes or any delay that may be caused due to the blockage.

All these can be achieved through instant connectivity and networking facilities that are offered by smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. It may be possible to come up with more innovative solutions for traffic congestion using Big Data in the future.

Big Data Improving the Healthcare Scenario

Healthcare is one of those areas where Big Data has shown major potential. Big Data is rapidly becoming an essential tool to research, experiment and arrive at conclusive results relating to problems in this field.

Today scientists don’t have to depend on the trial and error method to arrive at desirable results for their tests. Computers have changed the method of conducting trial and error tests to derive conclusive results. It is no longer necessary to test new drugs on a huge number of patients to conclude whether they will be effective or not.

Computer simulated experiments based on vast amount of data can bring in much faster result for the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages of such a scenario include conducting more tests in less time at a lower cost and lower risk. This means by the time the drugs are ready to be tested, they have a fairly high chance of being successful in the tests.

Another important area where Big Data is proving to be effective is the virtual reach of doctors to their patients. This enables patients to consult doctors who are miles away. It also allows doctors to participate in crucial surgeries from far off places. Mobile medical centres can reach out to patients in far flung areas and doctors can treat several people from various places by sitting at one place.

Big Data Changing the Way We Shop

Big Data is changing the way people shop. It is adding a new edge to the shopping experience of people. Today people are rapidly taking to online shopping. This is mainly due to the convenience of the process and the saving of time in a busy life.  It also allows a buyer to compare prices before purchasing a product.

A vital aspect of using Big Data is that it allows a retailer to identify fraud and offer protection to the credit card information of the purchaser. Big Data helps to make personalised recommendation to the buyer based on his or her previous shopping history and interest shown in various products on the net.

Moreover, it ensures that the order is delivered to the customer in a hassle free and cost effective manner, and within a short duration of time. Big Data brings efficiency to the whole process of online shopping. It is just the beginning as it is expected that the analysis of Big Data will result in more effective shopping experiences for consumers in the future.

Big Data Paving Way for Improved Performance in Sports

Professional sportsperson and sports teams are realising the benefit of technology to improve their performance. Data analysis is fast becoming an important aspect of sports. Due to technological advancements like location services and instant statistical data, it is becoming possible for a sportsperson or a coach to know how performance is impacted by various factors.

Detailed information about diverse aspects of a sport, such as area covered by the sportsperson, time taken to achieve a certain feat, heart rate at the time of peak performance and even body temperature can provide insightful data. Analysis of such data can help to improve performance, prevent injury and prepare strategy for countering opponent’s attack in the game.

Use of Big Data can help teams to optimize their overall performance and provide more push to their attack. For instance, a football team can gain knowledge about things like how fast they are able to run at what time of the day, how long can they sustain their stamina and what are the areas where they should improve to score over their opponents. This may seem to be general data, but analysis of Big Data can provide specific insights that can be effective in turning around a team’s performance in a short duration of time.

Big Data is the Beginning of a Better Future

These are just a few of the areas where Big Data is making its presence felt. There are numerous other areas of our everyday lives where Big Data can bring about tremendous positive changes, such as banking, insurance, transport services, financial companies, etc.

It is believed that Big Data will prove to be an invaluable resource in the future. As more industries and enterprises realise the importance of Big Data and begin using it, its impact will continue to increase in our lives.

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