BPM firms in Noida step up hiring professionals

Business process outsourcing (BPO), which is being repositioned as, Business Process Management is slowly moving up the value chain from mere process outsourcing providers to more strategic core processing partners. As the industry moves up the value chain and starts offering more strategic core processing services, the need for talented and experienced professionals is also on the rise.

There has been an increase in the focus and effort from BPM firms, especially in Noida on hiring technical/management professionals. These companies are having a huge demand for CAs, IT/CS engineers, and management professionals, especially those holding an MBA degree. Such professionals are hired not only for entry level operations but also for the high-end research and analytics tasks.

Media reports show that Som Mittal, the president of NASSCOM, also admitted the fact that BPM industry had climbed up the value chain. It may be probably due to the maturity the industry acquired with its clients’ businesses, over years. In such a situation it seems better for BPM industry, to start with increasingly complex works and to take up responsibility for its service outcomes.

Nitin Bhat, hiring expert of Genpact (a global provider in business process management services), recently shared some insights on this new trend in hiring. According to him, the percentage of professionals hired at company’s mid-management level now stands at 40 to 50% as against around 20 percent, 5 years back. Candidates recruited for entry level operations are about 30%, which shows a steady increase from the 5 year old figure of 10%.

He also added that, most of the jobs done earlier were transactional in nature and majority of them relied on voice based operations. But now the situation has changed in such a way that, BPM industry is getting more and more jobs related to financial accounting, high-end analytics, etc. Therefore, the services to be rendered are getting more complex and value specific. Here arises the need for hiring professionals with specialist skills in accounting, engineering, and management.

Even though, BPM companies started hiring of specialist professionals from the last 4 to 5 years, the trend got so intense only in the past two years. Apart from professionals mentioned above, firms are also focusing on hiring of MCA holders as well as PG holders in Maths / Statistics.

While hiring professional talents one major challenge for firms is in demystifying the myth about BPM. They need to explain people as BPM is not mere voice based operations, but include a lot of other value based services as well. BPM firms hope to offer much broader service offerings to customers up the value chain by hiring such experienced and talented professionals.

Genpact has recently hired professionals from reputed institutes like IIMs, and ISB. Also they had tied-up with Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. Now the employee pool of Genpact include a large number of CAs, and the annual turnover of the company in the last year (2011) was Rs 52.6 billion.

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