Why Is the BPM Industry A Preferred Field for Lucrative Career Growth?

The Business Process Management (BPM) Industry is growing by leaps and bounds in India. Starting as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry in India the industry has undergone changes in role and approach and started operating under the name of the BPM industry.

Roles played by the BPM Industry

The BPM Industry evolved from the BPO industry due to the continuous efforts of industry big-wigs during the last ten years. Today the BPM industry is playing several roles in various spheres. According to NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), the BPM Industry is actively involved in various responsible roles, such as:

  • In the management of critical business processes for various global brands
  • In the economy of India and the world
  • In providing opportunities for millions of young and talented minds across India and beyond

Opportunities in the BPM Industry

The BPM Industry is a field of opportunities. It welcomes people from all kinds of educational fields. People with every kind of qualification, experience and skill-set have the chance to enter the BPM field and make progress.

The vast opportunities in the BPM industry makes it suitable as much for a fresher as for a highly qualified professional. The industry offers exciting careers in global work environs and presents huge potential for professional growth.

The only thing required to sustain in this industry is a disciplined approach towards work and the zeal to excel.

Why BPM Industry is becoming a lucrative field

Today’s smart and young generation is a very confident one. The youth of today are sure about their goals and priorities in life. While deciding on their career options they consider several factors apart from the remuneration aspect.

So what is it that attracts a huge number of the youth brigade to join the BPM Industry? What are the factors of the BPM Industry that is attracting the professionals and students alike to join it? Let us have a look at some of the interesting factors put forward by NASSCOM that make the BPM industry a lucrative field:

  • It is one of the growing and highly successful industries of India with a global presence.
  • The industry consists of 500 companies generating revenues of more than $118 that it expects to increase in the coming fiscal year.
  • It is one of the preferred industries among the Indian youth for building a stable career. Today the BPM industry is providing career avenues to more than 1 million young Indians.
  • The BPM Industry is a field of equal opportunities where professional growth depends on talent and commitment, regardless of gender basis. As such, almost half of the industry’s workforce consists of women employees.
  • The industry is creating job opportunities not only in the big cities of India but also in the villages and rural areas. As such, it is helping in the development of rural India.
  • The industry is an open field of opportunities for people from all professions. It has software engineers, doctors, lawyers, MBA, CA, Statistician and people from various other fields pursuing challenging careers working for it.
  • IT-BPM is leading the way at the global level. This is proved by the fact that 52% of the global sourcing is done from India.
  • IT-BPM contributes around 7-8% to the GDP of India and is thus helping in the country’s economy.
  • BPM Industry is involved in the cause of nation building and wealth creation by supporting the growth of various other sectors such as telecom, real estate, entertainment, transport, hospitality, consumer goods, healthcare, etc.
  • In terms of personal development, the BPM Industry is one of the finest places that provide exceptional training on personality development and leadership skills.

All these factors are among the various big and small aspects that is making the BPM Industry a preferred field for lucrative career growth.

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