BPO/ITO Industry is transforming around the world: 4th Annual World BPO & ITO Forum, New York

August 27, 2011: It was the fourth Annual world BPO and ITO forum in June 2011, which put light into views and opinions of CIO’s around the globe.  There were some key sessions and some useful hints on future directions and strategies in the IT and BPO sector.

The annual world BPO/ITO Forum held at New York on June 28-29 participated by CIOs, general managers, Directors, chairman’s, and managing directors of different global companies, discussed about the crucial topic; global resources. Many eminent personalities addressed the 4th Forum. The key issues addressed were uncertain economic moves, increase in the demand of maintaining security and protectionism and also enhancing global resources to meet the global requirement. The eminent personalities gave their valuable findings and suggestions on how a healthier growth in the BPO and ITO industry could be achieved.  

The CEO and Co-founder of iRise, Mr. Emmet B Keeffe suggested that the Global CIOs should have a better collaboration among themselves and business counterparts to leverage better strategic approach in the global sourcing. He addressed a topic with the titled “Innovate or Die: How transformational thinking can drive business success. Even the most eminent economist, Mr. Lawrence Summers gave the opinion that we should always have a positive approach towards off shoring and outsourcing. 

The discussion and suggestions of eminent personalities made it clear that outsourcing today has become an integral part and parcel of our economy; doesn’t matter whether it’s offshore outsourcing or onshore outsourcing. It also shows that the trend for global delivery centers is emerging frequently. Global resources can deliver immense benefit to leverage the economy of the BPO and ITO sector as such. It can provide quality management consulting services to business across the globe.

When companies are looking for perfect operating model in offering the most elegant service to off beat any competitor, the strategic approach must be unique. The time has gone when companies learned by doing mistakes. In this fluctuating market, where there is zero scope for experiment the companies should learn from the happening around the globe and make themselves adaptable to face any crucial situation like economic crisis. 

Here comes the role of world BPO/ITO forum, which delivers a platform for executives and respected personalities from various companies to meet and share their experience, which could be learning for many. Forums such as the world BPO and ITO forum can bring light into the various strategic and operational issues in the sector and can help to bring up solutions for various issues in the long run. The world BPO and ITO forum has an elegant role in providing a world class perspective about the sector as a whole.

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