BPO sector remains top employer in Philippines in 2011

December 28, 2011: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry ranked first in the list of job opportunities posted by private sector companies in the online job portals in Philippines.

Statistics from the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) observes that the job openings in the Business Process Outsourcing industry have reached 39,281 as of September 2011. This statistics reflect the growing stature of Philippines in the Business Process Outsourcing industry across the world.

But the report also observes that the number of applications from the job seekers for the BPO industry on a particular job portal is much lower than the actual number of positions vacant. During the period from January to September, only 1030 applications were received for positions in the BPO sector.

The companies in the BPO sector are widening their business operations in Philippines. As far as demand is concerned, the employment opportunities in the call center services tops in the list in the vacancy list during a period from 2010 to the past three quarters of 2011.

Philippines government has already allocated P1.1 billion fund for TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) to provide training and development for creating a pool of skilled labor in the identified priority sectors. Out of the amount, P500 was allocated for developing near-hires in the Business Process Outsourcing sector. The head of the department of labor said that TESDA plans to expand its operations to key cities, to create a pool of prospective workers with necessary skills as required by the BPO sector to fill in the opportunities in the sector.

The Bureau of Local Employment has said that the customer service executive position was the number two in the number of vacancies on the job portal, with 16,589 vacancies as on September 2011.  The jobs that were in widely searched by the job seekers in the portal was production or factory worker positions, which enjoyed the top rank in the list of sought after occupations in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year.

The BPO industry is the fastest and biggest expanding sector in the Philippine economy. It is the single largest contributor of revenue for the country and drastically reduced the unemployment rate in the country.  Philippines became the leading country in the BPO industry especially on call center business recently overtaking India.

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