Business Data Processing – Deriving Insights and Formulating Strategies

When it comes to deriving insights and taking informed decisions, to drive your business towards higher profit margins and hence growth – data plays a major role. Data – both from external and internal sources – lies at the top of the funnel.

Data science – a process that helps convert cluttered and unstructured data into actionable insights is henceforth implemented to help companies formulate marketing strategies and drive business growth.

Data scientists employ a variety of data collection and analysis techniques and business data processing tools to uncover the hidden patterns under the garb of unstructured data.

Data Processing

The Big Data Challenge: The challenge here is that, as we already mentioned – data can be both internally generated and scraped or extracted from external resources. This data is vast and unstructured. Restructuring it to uncover a pattern that answers your business specific questions is not as easily done as said. It requires an entire team of data scientists more importantly, a team that consists of individual experts in data processing and analysis.

Without The Infrastructure you are Flying Blind: Do not forget the relevant tools and the infrastructure (this involves data processing infrastructure and storage of unstructured data, storage and security of the structured data (insights), disposal of data that is not required any more etc.).

Define a Purpose: Are you blindly following the herd or you have a purpose. Define your goal- what insights do you want?

Data Processing In Business Research combined with data analytics tools can help you gain an array of insights regarding customer sentiments, customer behavior, seasonal sales of specific products, information about products similar to your product – in terms of  sales, design highlights, buyer segment etc.

So what is your purpose? You want to get back your product from decline stage, beat your competitor, define your market segment or plan product launch. In every case, the data and related insights will differ.  It depends on the expertise of the data scientist to utilize relevant information and uncover purpose specific patterns.

The purpose behind Data Processing in Business organization lies in the ability to solve problems and generate scope for further business activities. Relevant data extraction, data processing and analytics are the defining factors that excavate insights/knowledge out of the unstructured information.

Deriving Insights is Not Enough: In order to translate the knowledge into defined business growth and measurable profits, it is important to work closely with your marketing team. A marketing team needs to analyze the insights provided, and then view these insights from the customer perspective.

Now based on these analytics results, the marketing team can take informed decisions that lead your business towards achieving the defined intentions. Just like a good team of data scientists, a good team of marketing professionals is also worth its weight in gold.

Now once you have a brilliant marketing strategy in hand, the data insights will also help you decide when it is the right time to put you innovations to action. If you time your strategies well, half the battle is already won. So go ahead and implement your plans to derive the maximum business benefits.

About the Author:

Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at HabileData for the past 15 years. Ritesh has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.

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