Business process management concepts help businesses restructure

Business Process Management helps companies to automate their business process by deriving suitable strategies to attain control over the business operations. This has been a major concern for many companies despite having calling themselves market leaders.  However certain organizations have constantly been working upon providing companies with the best Business Process Management concepts and tools.

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) is a non-profitable organization that has been providing small, medium as well as larger organizations with BPM concepts and ways to implement it. The organization is run by a set of BPM professionals who create unique concepts and tools that enable business professionals to strategize their business process.

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ABPMP operates in South America, Europe and East Asian markets making themselves available to all output seeking professionals. The organization allows the professionals to involve in chapter activities that enable active interaction between various business process management professionals.

Objective of ABPMP Chapters

The ABPMP website provides users with online access to the local chapters with respect to their residing country, region, state, or city. The objectives of the chapters include the following:

  • Provision of forums to the business professionals
  • Taking charge of the certification program through CBPP exams
  • Provision of study groups for the exam
  • Provision of continuing professional education programs
  • Promotion of BPM as a custom
  • Provision of networking forums for BPM professionals

ABPMP Activities

Each of the chapters available feature their own schedule and activities to ensure that the professionals take active participation. The customized activities followed at ABPMP include the following:

  • Term meeting as an open forum to discuss various topics and derive strategies
  • E-newsletter on a term basis to ensure that the professionals get updated
  • Conducting events like vendor workshops, job fairs, certification review, etc
  • Provision of discounts on activities like training, products, conferences etc
  • Implementing active practices on social networks
  • Organizing educational programs at colleges and universities

ABPMP Objectives

In this context, the Education Development Committee of ABPMP plays a major role to ensure that the activity processes are performed in a controlled manner. The committee follows certain objectives that include:

  • Defining the practices of BPM
  • Maintaining well organized teams with knowledge about the concept
  • Developing professional certification programs
  • Organizing training programs for the professionals that include CBPP® Exam Study Guide and BPM 101
  • Developing programs for BPM which result in the development of professionals
  • Working with research organizations to promote components that add value to the program
  • Promote corporate training programs through BPM CBOK® and CBPP® Certification programs

The BPM 101 is a one-day training tutorial developed in order to serve the needs of interaction between the professionals who participate in the programs. The educational committee is currently working on updating the process.

These can be considered the active ways of making the process of business management easier.  The organization’s Board of Advisors includes prominent authors, leaders and practitioners who combine their business knowledge to carve it into a business opportunity. With competition rapidly growing in every industry, companies have been depending on BPM concept developers to upgrade their business structures.

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