Call center career path takes a new turn with employee engagement

The progress and development of any organization depend on the working trends of employees. The workers form the backbone of a company. They can make or break the organization with respect to the work they contribute towards gaining profits. It is essential that the working environment of call centers is constantly analyzed. The needs and concerns raised by employees should be acted upon for the purpose of advancing their call center career path and ultimately the business.

The attitude of an employee is a key factor that predicts the outcome of that organization. A good employee engagement procedure will take into consideration the attitude of a worker towards the job as well as the organization. In addition, a passion for the job will also provide a reason for staying. This will also work the other way round.

Author Louise Parkes at an event hosted by Infosys

Author Louise Parkes at an event hosted by Infosys

According to a White Paper by Infosys, there are three systems that support the basic requirements of human beings: purpose; participation; progress. Employees should have faith in their purpose, and they should belong to a team in which they go through participation, growth and recognition. In addition, with the aim of creating a significant difference, they should be able to attain progress that adds to the growth of the group.

Managing the pristine generation at call centers

Management of the new generation of workers at call centers highlights the need for an efficient strategy of employee engagement. The freshers to the workforce will harbor high aspirations. They will be looking for opportunities that will lead them to new heights in their call center career path. Hence a constant interest should be taken in their development. Dow Chemical has taken a step in this direction and has emerged successful in this venture.

Flexibility has to be exercised for employee engagement. New ideas and proposals aired by the employees should be considered, which would help them in reaching a turning a point in their call center career path. Offering new schedules and jobs is another way of keeping the modern generation of employees inspired. They should be allowed to multitask and deal with jobs outside their area of work. The company Cadence has applied this measure of employee engagement and has reaped rich dividends.

The pristine generation considers personal life activities as one of their key priorities. They should be allowed to spend time with family and friends by striking a balance between their work and personal life. Flexible working hours are a big step in this direction. Many companies like TNQ have implemented this quite successfully. This enables the new generation of workers to be motivated into making new achievements in their call center career path.

When employee engagement is set rolling in the right direction, positive outcomes will be spearheaded in business development. It is vital that this measure should remain one of the main affairs of interest in any call center organization.

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