Call center outsourcing industry set to expand in Philippines

December 29, 2011: As the year 2011 come to an end, the New York Times forecasts that the call center industry in the Philippines will continue to expand in the years to come. It is predicted that the call center outsourcing industry will grow at a rate of 20 to 25 per cent every year for a period of five years. Philippines have become the favorite destination for outsourcing call center function, recently overtaking India.

To cater to the increasing demand for employees, call centers in Philippines are hosting job fairs in different cities and towns across the country. According to sources Sutherland Philippines center has about 2000 openings which the company is looking forward to fill. Sutherland is among the top five business process outsourcing companies in Philippines.

Sutherland Philippines, a business division of Sutherland Global Services, is in the process of constructing new facilities in the country. According to the mayor, while Sutherland is building new facilities, they will recruit employees and provide them with training in their facilities located in Central Luzon and Metro Manila.

Sutherland has call center facilities in many cities across Philippines such as Makati, Davao City and Taguig. It is in search of qualified individuals to fill the openings in the company. They look for qualified prospects with an age of 18 or above, who have a high school diploma and possess excellent communication skills.

Recently in the United States, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the house of the representatives, which when passed will bring about dramatic changes in the call center outsourcing industry. The bill contains provisions that will prevent companies from availing federal grants and loans if they outsource their call center function to any other location. It can even penalize the companies if they do not inform the labor department with in a stipulated period of time. This will force the companies to reconsider their decisions to outsource their call center functions to an offshore location.

The representative who had introduced the bill has called outsourcing as a Scourge that the American economy faces. They believe it as one of the barriers in reducing unemployment the country. The idea of the bill is to discourage outsourcing as it is difficult to prohibit it.

The call center outsourcing service providers are worried about the outcome of bill. But it is quite encouraging that The New York Times has come up with such a prediction in the wake of such a bill.

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