Calliduscloud Turns to Big Data Analytics to Ease Sales Decisions

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CallidusCloud, a leading software company is the provider of marketing and sales effectiveness software solutions to other companies. The solutions help to maximize potential and drive bigger deals, faster through identification of the right leads, enabling sales forces, ensuring proper quota and territory distribution, automated proposal and quote generation and streamlining the sales compensation. More than 2000 companies from every industry across the board bank on CallidusCloud’s software solutions to sell smarter and market better to bring more money in through the door.   

The new solution

While the industry is not new, CallidusCloud has chosen to imbibe big data analytics in order to innovate and offer clients better ways of remaining efficient. A new cache of solutions that mixes pioneering visualizations, big data technology and analytics is on the offer. The solutions will not only help the clients embark on real-time explorations of granular data, but also improvise on sales and channel decisions in a streamlined manner.

The clients

Detailed insights on sales and channel operations are invaluable to companies that are both sides of the success spectrum. Patrick Stakenas, Research Director for Gartner was quoted as saying, “Sales analytics delivers significant benefits by helping sales management more effectively recognize, understand and respond to emerging developments in sales cycles and markets, as well as improving overall sales planning and decision making regarding the deployment of resources.”

The current solution already allows clients to capitalize on sales analytics from sales transactions that amount to trillions of dollars and well over hundreds of terabytes of data per year. Big data analytics innovates in the arena of efficiency. Through the new solution customers will be able to efficiently manage and analyze data that is both structured and unstructured sales data. Gaining the ability to process more granular levels of data gives the clients access to the current state of business. The clients can keep a close tab on the sales channels and the markets.

CallidusCloud’s CEO speaks

Leslie Stretch, CEO and President of CallidusCloud, speaking about the latest tool was quoted as saying, “The information gathered by CallidusCloud’s Sales Performance Management and Sales Execution Management tools is the most potent an enterprise could wish for. The ability to visualize patterns to analyze, predict an support critical sales resource decisions is a red hot need in our core vertical markets today.

Our new Big Sales Data Analytics solutions address the clamor for faster, more granular sales analytics for better, more agile decision-making. We will be releasing industry specific solutions at the end of 2013 focused initially on the Telecommunications and Insurance verticals.”

Insurance tool

The Big Data analytics tool for insurance gives clients a chance to look at their complete business picture including claims data, detailed customer interactions, producer demographics, policy administration details, policy administration details and billing history.

The tool will help uncover business details that are very specific. Actions and attributes that contributed to a successful producer can be gleaned from the tool. It can also help to identify attributes and actions that can prove to be successful to the business through improvement of persistency and retention. The optimal mix of product bundles that will increase the sales for the client can be understood from the analytics tool.

Telecommunication tool

Telecommunications is a field in which the amount of data generated is best suited to Big Data Analytics. The telecommunications tool from the firm analyzes the information including commerce activity, customer billing, territory alignment, subscriber demographics, channel information and sales targets. This analysis will throw light on the specific actions and attributes that cause customers to cancel connections, cause customers to bundle and upgrade.

The return on the revenue spent on the marketing can also be understood from this tool. The Average Revenue per Unit or ARPU can be understood from the tool.

Behind the scene

The technological advancement that can work wonders for the telecommunications and insurance companies uses in-memory processing. The tool is more than capable of handling unstructured large data sets and is capable of implementing the latest data visualization techniques. The major advantage of using the tool is the real time knowledge about the business that the companies can glean.

Apart from the Big Data tool that CallidusCloud is launching, the company has already helped thousands of customers gain valuable insights into their companies for over 17 years now. The analysis and processing of compensation results and sales performance metrics is the company’s forte. Having analyzed data for some of the world’s largest and leading companies, CallidusCloud has experience like no other.

Every individual customer sends the company nearly one billion sales records and trillions of records of information for the company to analyze through the cloud based SaaS solution. Big Data analytics can therefore only simplify matters for both CallidusCloud and their clients.

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