Can Big Data Help Increase Recruitment of Women into Tech

Technology as a field is mainly dominated by men. Even in this age of technology revolution, there is a dearth of women in this arena as compared to men. However, the picture is not all bleak everywhere. The field of Big Data is an example in sight. It is an area that is witnessing a healthy interest from women as well.

The fact that there are a huge number of women serving as “chief data officers” as compared to women who work as chief information officers supports this fact. One of the reasons for it can be that data science is a field that makes use of aspects like collaboration, negotiation, communication, etc. Normally women are considered to be strong and able entities when it comes to handling of such aspects or areas. It is safe to say that data science provides an environment that women find to be attractive as well as inviting.

Big Data can help to identify women talents

Industry insiders believe that the technology of Big Data can be helpful in discovering prospective female candidates for the jobs. They are of the opinion that the technology can be utilised to search publicly available data regarding the prospective candidates’ academic qualification, work experience, interest and even other factors like social media interactions, etc.

Through the help of Big Data technology, companies can extract data from social networking sites to identify potential candidates for various positions. Such data analysis can offer helpful insights into how to search and identify women who are the most deserving and fit for jobs in a particular area of technology. It can also enlighten companies regarding the actions that they can take to increase the women work force in their organization.

Big Data and human insight can help women to establish themselves

There is no doubt that Big Data is a major technology that can be extremely useful in sourcing out and matching qualified women to fill right posts in an escalating field. However, the aspects of human insight and action are also significant to make a mark in any field, and more so in a field dominated by men. In a vast male-dominated field like technology, female voices can easily remain unheard. So it is very important that women be given an environment where they can feel free to express their views and remain confident of being heard. Women must be encouraged to assert their observations and opinions. One way for women to establish themselves is to voice their opinions and demonstrate their capabilities.

Big Data can help to decrease gender inequality

It is very important to boost women to get out of their comfort zones and test challenging waters on the professional front. They must be inspired to enter into other domains. Women should be encouraged to enter into the areas of Big Data and other technology jobs.

Mentoring programs for women can go a long way in inspiring women to give a new definition to their career by taking up challenging roles. Women mentors can influence the younger women to pursue challenging career paths with confidence. Even social media can be a great help in bringing about a change in the way women are perceived in the society.

At the end, it entirely depends on women to stand up and take control of their career path. However, having women role models will definitely help their cause of trying to break free from stereotypes and venture into unchartered areas. In this context, Big Data can play a major role by helping to decrease the gender inequality and bringing about a change for a better tomorrow.

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