Celebrate Diwali stress free with Outsourcing

When only a day is left for Diwali festival, home makers will be busy with home cleaning, decorating, preparing sweets, lighting up their homes with colorful lights, and so on. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to handle all tasks by ourselves. So several middle-class women are now opting to outsource such kind of hectic works to locals or professional concierge and errand service companies.

diwali lights

Outsourcing can be done for accomplishing any kind of festive works. It may range from home cleaning to gifting and shopping requirements. Professional concierge and errand service companies help a lot to plan for festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc. MyPeon is an example for such a company based its operations in Bandra in Mumbai. They claim that they are getting a lot of Diwali-specific orders in recent days.  The company claims at least 25 orders related to Diwali festival in the last 20 days.

Outsourced workers or companies carry out their operations within 1-2 days. Within the scheduled time they will make house clean, send gifts, buy sweets, diyas, and crackers. The main attraction behind increased outsourcing in home affairs is cost effectiveness and quality of work delivered.

Outsourcers who got engaged with cleaning related activities, often charges from Rs. 400/- to Rs. 650/- per day. An errand service firm often charges between Rs 1,200/- and Rs 3,000/- for outsourced works, depending on the quantity and complexity of work.

Partial outsourcing work is usually employed by home makers, since they can find free hours for other works. For example a home maker outsourcing cleaning job can find extra hours for home decoration, festive shopping, etc to make Diwali grand.

Employed women are also increasingly looking for festive outsourcing, as they have a few hours left for anything else. Those employed in business process management firms, banks, etc are often engaged with tight work schedules, investing around 14-hour a day at office.  In such situations there will be little time left for them for home making and to make arrangements for festivals like Diwali. Outsourcing home related works or shopping will make them relax and to welcome Diwali without worry.

The trend of outsourcing cleaning or shopping during festive seasons will increase in the coming years. Other than older days, people especially women are more inclined to get employed and to engage in office related activities. This will cut down their time available for house work. Outsourcing locals to carry out home making works or to approach any professional concierge and errand service company is the only possible solution to get out of the situation. Professional concierge and errand service companies have a great potential for growth in the coming years.


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