CIO’s to count on outsourcing for business transformation

January 21, 2012: Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) usually have the mandate to transform business organizations. In order to transform an organization, CIO’s depend heavily on technology leadership, business processes and outsourcing.

Outsourcing is often adopted by many of the companies in the business world. It is considered as a method to cut cost, where CIO’s make the decision to outsource or not to outsource. But in addition to cost cutting there are other advantages too.

According to experts from the outsourcing world and the CIO’s, outsourcing and outsourcers really need to get involved in transformation. To make this a reality the Chief Information Officers need to be transformative. Moreover, they should consider outsourcing as a major weapon in the transformation war.

Leslie Willcocks, Professor from London School of Economics recently opined about leaders who play major role in transformation. He said that transformational leaders are the ones who bring about real difference. This occurs when such leaders are on the client side. He noted that strong transformational leaders are required at client side as well as at the outsourcing service provider side to deliver real outcomes. He also observed that basically the outsourcing relationships that brings about transformation converts the already good performance to great performance.

The strong relation between transformation and leadership was the common sentiment that echoed throughout the IAOP meeting held recently. In addition to this many of the experts said that outsourcing service providers have to be considered as a part of the transformation.

Outsourcing does not mean that the hope to see more employment opportunities in the Information Technology dies out. Currently we are at a younger age of the technology world and as the developing markets see the increasing opportunities the internet and computing offers, there will be more work and also there will be more need for diverse technology community from which CIO’s can source form.

CIO’s are well aware of the advantages associated with outsourcing such as increase in efficiency, flexibility, and focus in core business function. So to transform a business it is quite critical that CIO’s take right approach towards adopting outsourcing for delivering transformation.

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