Cloud based disaster recovery options for BPO companies

The recent disruption of operations in Philippines BPO industry due to widespread floods has re-ignited the thought of using cloud based solutions for disaster recovery management for BPO companies.  Earlier in this month, the BPO operations in Philippines were affected badly by the calamity that visited the nation. The country was forced to shut down the operation of the call centers and other BPO processes which has thrown a question over the reliability of Philippines as an outsourcing destination.

Disruption in the operations especially during natural calamities is one of the biggest threats for the BPO industry especially in countries like Philippines which is prone to natural calamities. A US based technology provider and a leading cloud-based call center solution provider inContact has developed cloud-based disaster recovery program that is designed to help BPO companies during natural calamities.

Cloud based disaster recovery program (DRP) is slowly gaining momentum in the business world. Earlier disaster recovery preparedness for companies involved considerable amount of financial investment. But Cloud based DRP has made it possible for all the companies to assess disaster recovery resources at low costs. Many cloud computing service providers offer cloud based DRP on a pay-per-use pricing model.

The cloud based DRP provides IT infrastructure such as servers and networking in cloud environment which allows the companies to store and access data from anywhere. Cloud based DRP solutions have allowed the companies to access the recovery resources at low cost and they no longer need to depend on premises based disaster recovery programs. While premises based DR are restricted to one location, cloud based DR solutions are hosted in multiple sites which reduce the risk of non-recovery of data.

Cloud based DRP offerings comes in three forms:

  1. Do it Yourself (DIY) DR: In this format the cloud service providers use another provider’s cloud to build a custom cloud DR solutions for its clients.
  2. DR-as-a-service (DRaaS): In this format, the cloud service providers offer DRP on pay-per-use basis. They provide a cloud environment for the companies to store their backup data.
  3. Cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery (C2C DR): Here it provides failover support from one cloud to another. It can be either of a single vendor or multiple vendors’ cloud environment.

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The cloud service provider inContact has developed DR-as-a-service format for BPO companies. The new cloud based DRP allows the BPO companies and contact centers agents to keep in touch with their clients even during a natural calamity.

A BPO and a call center that do not have a proper DRP are likely to experience hardware failures and operational disruption during natural calamities. inContact’s cloud based DRP solution address this issue by hosting the solutions in multiple sites. Under this process, even if one hosting sites fails, all the functionality can be switched to another site.

The cloud based DRP solutions by inContact ensures 99.99 % uptime and connectivity options during natural calamities and this helps the BPO companies to transfer the client calls to their agents placed in other locations without any failure.

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