Cloud computing to drive Indian IT firms

December 14, 2011: According to a forecast made by Gartner, a technology research firm, cloud computing will evolve as a significant advancement in Information Technology services and applications for IT vendors in India.

Subject matter experts observe the cloud, which enables the leasing out of electronic Information Technology assets and solutions through the internet, as an ideal shifting. It has resulted in revolutionary changes in the Information Technology architectures, the development of products and services, and delivery methods and strategies.

Gartner report concludes that cloud computing which can adapt to growing workloads present both opportunities and threats. The prediction is that by 2015, the low cost cloud services would consume up to 15 per cent of the leading outsourcing players’ revenue. So according to experts, the cloud will be troublesome for the USD 1 trillion global IT services market.

The factors that distinguish the cloud computing from conventional outsourcing and hosting services is its focus on the output and instant consumption model. This calls for urgent attention from the part of IT service providers to standardize technologies and gear up best practices to deliver IT services as required.  

Since the types and range of IT services that can be delivered through the cloud are extensive, there is more potential for endless new applications and innovative business models too. Now Information Technology is no longer considered to be a back office tool to improve process; rather, its capability is rightly viewed as game changing at the strategic level. This raises the need for IT service providers to deliver end to end solutions, consulting services and expertise.

Zinnov, a research firm has forecasted that the Indian cloud computing market will reach USD 1.08 billion by 2015. Such a growth would represent a 10 times increase from the present day USD 110 million market.

Cloud computing is definitely going to change the manner in which the Indian Information Technology sector does business. It is likely to help the business grow and diversify rather than diminishing it. To achieve growth, the Indian IT sector should acquire necessary domain expertise and consulting skills needed to play meaningfully in the changed game.

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