CSR outsourcing for environment sustainability increases!

Corporate Social Responsibility has become the buzz word world over and business organisations across the world are increasingly getting engaged in CSR activities. Environment protection has become the prime focus of businesses around the world. In the recent years it has become imperative to comply with contractual obligations and environment regulations. With each passing year, it is becoming challenging for companies to do business in an environmentally responsible manner and also to monitor their internal environmental activities.

As the companies grapple with the challenge of managing environment sustainability, they are turning to outsourcing. BPO companies have emerged in this space and have started helping companies to carry out their CSR activities. One such company who is helping clients in CSR is CBRE which is a real estate services outsourcing firm. This firm recently won the first AOP/ISG Global Outsourcing Social Responsibility impact award.

For firms, CSR activities give lots of benefits. Actively undertaking CSR initiatives would get the company a strong positive brand image, as it implies that the company values ethics and is socially responsible Companies get involved in various CSR activities. For example, CSR program of Pepsi focuses on water efficiency since it operates in that space.

Capgemini UK also had put forward corporate environmental objectives for environment sustainability. Some of the objectives laid down to achieve by 2014 are:

  • Reduce carbon footprint by 20%
  • Improve data center energy efficiency by 20%
  • Zero waste to landfill &
  • Reduce carbon emissions by more than 30% in travel

The objectives like this set forward by Capgemini involve a lot of complexities. 3 million new data points are processed each year from 30 different sources for this activity and managing these records becomes immensely difficult. Capgemini identified that many companies across the world face similar sort of challenges and to face these odds, the company launched Sustainability Business Process Outsourcing Service called Energy. Capgemini UK has now been able to manage waste and carbon emissions through better Business Intelligence and use of cloud technology.

Companies should first of all identify which CSR initiatives it can undertake directly and which it needs to outsource and then identify a suitable BPO company based on its credentials. Outsourcing of CSR activities is going to catch pace sooner or later and it is going to gain more prominence in the years to come with legislations regarding environment protection are getting tightened. The world as a whole has to come together to save environment and BPO’s has its role here too.


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