Data Analytics all set to transform outsourcing industry

India is known for its software strengths and IT services, backed by an impeccable talent pool. The growing IT and outsourcing industry in India has resulted in churning out massive volumes of data that can be useful for the companies. The importance of analyzing this ‘Big data’ has become crystal clear for all those involved, leading way to a new class of companies- data analytics firms.

India is well-placed to become a leader in data analytics. Data Analytics is nothing new to a vast country like India and the importance of putting into use such a technology is only growing at the global level. The companies now think of the potentialities of data, particularly unstructured data, which further goes into developing the business agility of companies, market predictions, customer relations etc.
Big Data analytics

India turning into hot bed for data analytics

India is now turning a power house in data analytics with IT strength and know-how in the BPO industry. The companies identify specific issues and are capable enough to chart points related to specific industry verticals. This is attributed to their outsourcing industry experience. However, India, with a sparkling BPO history and tough IT strength is going to add depth to the data analytics story.

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Ananto Analytics, a company newly started by Aparup Sengupta, the former CEO of Aegis, is the latest in the fold of Data Analytics firms springing up in India. Sengupta founded the company with a view to focus on Data Analytics, an area that is expected to be an integral part of the outsourcing industry in no time.

The company is committed to analyzing data to provide better insights while arriving at business decisions. Ananto Analytics is making its mark in the industry with expectations to combine customer insight with customer experience. Aparup Sengupta is known for the growth strategies he implemented at Aegis, which brought about several million dollars worth of growth for the company. He is expected to weave the same kind of magic with Ananto Analytics as well.

Growth potential of Data Analytics

According to a report by NASSCOM titled ‘Big Data: The next big thing’, the Big Data industry of the country is projected for a gigantic growth in the coming years. The industry is expected to grow to US$ 1 billion in the year 2015 from US$ 200 million as observed in 2012.

India has its own set of challenges to overcome when it comes to data analytics, due to shortage in skilled people having statistics and mathematics background.  The companies are now coming up with various training programs and likely to bridge the gap of talent in next few years. Analytics by all means is going to benefit India and its domestic companies.

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