Data entry and Android app development among top jobs in freelancing

January 16, 2012: The demand for internet jobs is increasing day by day. In the international outsourcing and Crowdsourcing market place the fastest moving job category at this point of time is Coding, Data Entry and Android jobs.

The demand for software developers is very high. It is in the fourth quarter of the previous year that the demand for development drastically increased. One among the top applications developed was C++. Along with C++, the demand for applications such as Java, C language, .NET, C# and PHP development are also in demand. It was PHP which dominated the list of software with a total of 28, 872 online projects in the quarter. Along with this there was also a growth in HTML5 jobs also.

The demand for android jobs also increased drastically. In the forth quarter the demand raised from 33 percent to 2,454. There was also increase in Apple iPhone jobs. The forth quarter of 2011 also witnessed growth in data entry jobs. This huge growth in data entry jobs was because of entrepreneurs hiring freelancer teams. The freelancer teams were hired to conduct market research and also to build a variety of information services. Hiring was also done to conduct market research.

Current trend in the outsourcing industry is amazing as it is estimated that in the outsourcing market place a total of around three million freelancers and 1.3 millions jobs were posted in the near past. Well, this shows that the demand for outsourcing and Crowdsourcing is to increase will rise again in the coming years.

However it is not just in the software department that we could see such increasing trends. It is also noticed that outsourcing in areas such as astrophysics and industrial design along with genetic engineering is also picking up speed. It seems that more diverse areas of outsourcing can be seen in the coming years.

This year is expected to be a good one as far as outsourcing and Crowdsourcing is concerned and it is because more startups are depending on online marketplace to get their work done. The Freelancer outsourcing marketplace helps entrepreneurs to get in touch with around three million independent professionals to whom the requirement can be outsourced. Outsourcing to freelancers will help business to get work done at much cheaper rate and at flexible time. Moreover, they can rely on the freelancers, who are specialized in various areas from software development, designing to legal services and much more. 

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