Defining Maturity Model for Business Process Management


There is undoubtedly substantial interest in implementing Business Process Management (BPM) technology to solve problems in businesses. The success stories in trade publications and the increasing demand is trying to take BPM to the next level.

The rapidly evolving landscape of BPM has to be taken into account before giving a positive nod for defining BPM in new levels.

Business Process Management as a term has been around in the industry for several years. However, the term is now losing the charm because of emerging trends.

Many BPM programs are today struggling to mature to a higher level from its present state, and it is vital to introduce the Gartner maturity model to redefine BPMs in new levels. John Dixon, the Managing Vice President at Gartner Inc. presents a few ideas to lift BPM processes to the next level.

Gartner Research On BPM

A recent research study by Gartner shows that the BPM project durations are shrinking. Moreover many organizations were seen completing their projects in a short time. However, the cost of BPM remains in the same level as it was in 2008.

The Gartner study also describes the emergence of a new term Intelligence Business Operation (IBO). Managers are today asked to do more with less and to arrive at decisions instantly. To do this better in a changing business environment, Intelligence Business Operations become necessary.

Some of the applications of Intelligence Business Operation (IBO) is integrating analytics into their processes and utilizing them.

BPM Predictions For The Future

As per the predictions of Gartner, by 2016 real-time predictive analytics will be used by almost 70% of companies. It essentially means the implementation of IBO into its businesses. It is also vital that the BPM companies try to take their processes to the next level. By taking BPM processes to the next level, the executive team can achieve their goals for the organization.

The current landscape of business process management suggests that the BPM leaders should make a move towards Intelligence Business Operations (IBO) by identifying the core processes which can feature its potential. It is also imperative to find out if there are competitors who have involved IBO to achieve better results in their operations.

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