Emerging cloudsourcing model to save OPEX

December 06, 2011: In this world of intense competition, 8KMiles have come up with a unique outsourcing model by exploiting the cloud. Known as ‘cloudsourcing’, the model enable business organizations to acquire on demand access to remote talent and infrastructure.

In the case of large organizations, they have the opportunity to invite number of IT service providers to outsource their functions through bidding. But in the case of small organizations, the situation is different. They are limited by constraints and their small budgets which does attract large IT service providers. There is a huge opportunity in serving the unique needs of the Small and Medium Business organizations.

The cloudsourcing model incorporates a distributed development framework that integrates global talent market place with collaboration tools and cloud infrastructure. This enables business firms to hire technology talent when required, and let them work on cloud based infrastructure with the help of pre-configured remote computers and servers for development and testing.

The platform make use qualified talents and remote infrastructure which can be delivered using the cloud to serve SMB customers. For instance, SMB’s can develop their own software development and testing team and work in collaboration with them.

8KMiles is an early adopter of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and has shifted its applications to AWS to achieve flexibility. AWS leverages Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) to dispatch remote desktops and development or testing environment for teams across the world.

8KMiles has migrated its entire web applications to AWS in 2008, and enjoyed a cost reduction of 40 per cent in the recurring monthly costs. By incorporating AWS, cloud and automation, they were able to lighten the load on the IT infrastructure team, thus making it possible for them to focus on the core business. AWS has made the process of experimentation quick and easy. It helped the firm to achieve greater degree of flexibility in the initial stages of web application design, which accelerated the speed to the market.

The success story of 8KMiles is a perfect example on how a small company can make use of cloud computing to compete with large players in the market. It has helped them to design and develop a model that will offer virtual sourcing model services in the cloud across the globe. Any organization can make use of this model on demand and can have access to cloud based infrastructure to develop or test software or applications. When the application is ready it can be deployed through the AWS cloud.  

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