ePublishing: Introduction to a new era in outsourcing

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Electronic publishing, otherwise known as digital publishing, involves the publication of articles, books, magazines or any written material through electronic media. Originally it was considered a threat to the traditional publishing industry. However, with the advent of e-book readers, tablets, and other devices and applications that enable electronic reading, ePublishing introduction has been an easy task, and digital publishing has gained a strong foothold in the industry.

Outsourcing of digital publishing has grown over the years and is a major source of revenue for the BPO sector.

Digital publishing has been found to be a profitable business and hence outsourcing companies are taking the plunge in this direction.

As an example to illustrate the power of epublishing introduction, after Trident Media established its ebook division in 2012, it was able to launch fifty titles over a period of just eight months. One of its prominent titles written by Deepak Chopra, was released only in the e-version, and it received an overwhelming response within a short span of time. The book Ask Deepak About Love and Relationships saw its release on January 22, 2013.

The speed at which e-titles can be brought into the market has been a new source of inspiration to the outsourcing industry. This means that reviews are quick and response from the readers is fast. As soon as a book or article is released online, feedback is received at a rapid rate.

Well laid-out plans from BPO companies

Countries like India, China, and Philippines comprise a lion’s share of the publishing outsourcing industry. Many companies like Newgen offer digital publishing for books and articles from the Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) category.

Thinking about the needs ahead and planning for what is in store for the publishing industry has helped sustain many of the outsourcing companies in this field and given an impetus to epublishing introduction.

As regards electronic publishing, Newgen carries out data conversion, digital archiving, and ePUB conversion services. With ePublishing introduction, accurate results may not be always achieved. Hence the company has set in place several tools that apply the latest technology to speed up the publishing process and produce the desired results. For example, the pre-editing process makes use of a tool called CE Genius, which is a set of programs driven by toolbars. This takes care of document structuring, consistency of hyphenation, reference styling, abbreviations, spelling, and other related processing.

The outsourcing industry has come a long way from the traditional practices it applied for publishing content. Customized tools that take care of house style and fit the client’s requirements are being developed for the ePublishing scenario. Digital publishing will provide added value to content and propel the outsourcing sector to greater dimensions hitherto unseen.

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