First Customer Intelligence to help companies gain actionable customer insights

first customer intelligence

Firstsource Solutions Limited has launched a new product called the FCI (First Customer Intelligence) which has the capability to help organisations get actionable customer insights. The product has been the result of the evolution of multi-communication channels such as mobile, social media and the web.

This evolution has brought about a need for the enterprises to integrate traditional communication channels of customers with the newly evolved ones.

Also, the data capture and analysis also has to be automated to deliver customer intelligence which has high impact. These goals are to be attained by the new product, First Customer Intelligence.

Drawing its power from the Firstsource Customer Insight Framework, the FCI measures customer emotions, sentiment as well as behavior across several communication channels right from the beginning stages of interaction with customers.

These findings are then provided adequate strength by conducting competition analysis in order to give actionable insights.

Firstsource Solutions Limited provides customized BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services to Telecom and Media, Banking and Financial Services as well as Healthcare sectors across the world.

Equipped with the ‘Rightshore’ delivery model, the company has its operations in Ireland, Sri Lanka, India, the UK, the US and Philippines. The clients of Firstsource include FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and Nifty 50 companies.

First Customer Intelligence can be utilized for test campaigns, product launches, customer profiling, market hypothesis etc. by analyzing trigger-based measurement processes. The built-in algorithms of FCI can be integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems of the organization.

According to Iain Regan who is executive vice president of client services and sales at Firstsource, First Customer Intelligence provides plenty of business benefits such as revenue enhancement, improved customer experience and profitability maximization via actionable customer insights. This, in turn, will provide significant ROI (return on investment).

With the help of FCI, organizations can maintain a stark view of the delivered service quality, handling of concerns of customers as well as customer experiences. In addition, organizations can also significantly reduce costs, improve customer experiences as well as increase revenues. This is done by getting actionable insights in a variety of aspects such as processes, products, web strategy, agent performance and customer channels.

The customer insights are drawn after conducting real time, in-depth analysis of interactions with customers in both non-voice and voice customer service channels.

The product has been targeted at customer services, heads of operations, customer experience and contact center. The service will be made available to customers in UK, US, Australia, Sri Lanka, India and APAC region.

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