Focus is on improving labor relations in Philippines BPO

October 11, 2011: Voluntary codes are implemented by Business Process Outsourcing and Information Communication Technology authorities in Philippines

Philippines have become one among the popular country as far as outsourcing is concerned. Today the nation holds huge potential and talented workforce, particularly in the Business Process Outsourcing sector and Information Communication technology. Out of various strengths one major is the availability of young and well educated graduates that consider outsourcing industry as the most preferred platform for their carrier to begin with. Outsourcing industry is drastically growing and one of the major reasons for the growth is the support given by the government authorities towards theses industries. Philippines Government is always ahead with initiatives for the uplift of the industry. This time it is the Department of Labour and employment which has come up with some new decisions.

It is the Department of Labour and employment that has come up with such interesting initiative to produce much healthier and peaceful atmosphere in the industry. According to the authorities of the department the voluntary code of good practices implemented by the authority in the nation has lot to contribute towards the BPO and ICT industry. The primary focus of the code is to promote continuous growth in the industry and develop strategies to achieve global milestones, for which it is necessary to achieve industrial peace.

The code also promotes the fines occupational safety, health and environment conditions. Moreover stabilized and self-regulate labor management is very essential as far as Philippines are concern. At present the BPO sector in the nation is one of the major industries which bring in foreign investments. Thus it has become more important to maintain the industry well. The role of members under the voluntary code is to observe and monitor various mechanisms in the industry which has direct and indirect impact on the development of the sector.  
The recent decision can be considered as just the beginning. There are lot more steps and decisions to come up for effective industrial relations and employee welfare, said the head of the Department of Labour and employment. Philippines BPO and ICT sector are well equipped with advantages such as skilled and talented employees, cheaper Labour and also high quality services on time. Global players have become more conscious on the benefits on depending on Philippines outsourcing industry. There are even many global players who have shifted their business dealings form India, which is considered as top destination for outsourcing to Philippines.

However, the recent decision by Department of Labour and employment will definitely end up as a back bone for the BPO and ICT industry because as far as any industry is concern, one of the major priorities is providing the work force a better atmosphere. 

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