Forecasting the IT outsourcing growth across Asia

January 17, 2012: IT outsourcing across Asia will have a new dimension in the year 2012. Companies in the continent are more conscious and looking forward to play safe. The focus of the companies is to give more importance to cost reduction and increase in return on investments. Moreover companies will also give priority to speeding up their business and creating new customers so that it will help them to capture the market and widen the business. And thus, Asian players are planning to outsource IT infrastructure.

Exclusively depending on outsourcing IT infrastructure will give the companies a better platform for concentrating on the business. It will also help to ensure the quality of IT systems and operations as well as reduce the cost. Moreover the companies will be benefited with increased competitive edge and staffing flexibility.

As far as the Asian countries are concerned, it is Singapore which is standing ahead with IT outsourcing. The country is capturing more matured markets. Other countries such as India and China are also far ahead with IT infrastructure capabilities. Companies in India are well advanced and are expertise with this kind of business.

However, experts also believe that due to threat of recession and economic issues companies are focusing more on pay-as-you-go model so that they get more flexible and agility. Companies who are into infrastructure outsourcing are also concerned about security. And thus companies are depending on Hybrid cloud models. Depending on such models will help companies to have more security within the organization.

IT outsourcing is not just all about cost benefits, but instead it is also to enhance other business priorities. Thus there is an increase in focus on driving business priorities. Today most of the companies give preference to IT delivery models such as cloud computing solutions so that they can get greater flexibility. More understanding of the benefits from cloud computing will help the companies to grow in positive direction. It will also help to optimize spending so that it will help growth and productivity.

Well, the year 2012 is a year of big expectations for IT outsourcing industry particularly in the Asia. Expectations are high in the industry as more strategies are implemented by major as well as all type of players to have much beneficial year ahead. It is also expected that there will be a speed to market so that the companies can capture potential market as soon as possible.  

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