Gartner BPM maturity model takes business to the next level

Bpm gartner maturity model

For a business to survive, it is essential that projects attain maturity. Unsuccessful completion or poor quality of projects lead to dissatisfied customers and is highly likely to affect business. The Gartner BPM maturity model helps revive floundering businesses by analyzing loopholes and reworking strategies to help tasks mature with excellent quality. The whole business process is revitalized so as to attain the desired product or service within schedule.

Leaders involved in business process improvement are able to assess the crucial dimensions that are the main factors influencing the overall maturity of a business process management (BPM) scheme. The ITScore maturity assessment from Gartner can be used by organizations to identify their maturity levels of current tasks, analyze areas of improvement, and plan ahead for the realization of targets.

Execution of improvements is the key to success

The Gartner BPM maturity model defines five levels of maturity. The first is Process-Aware, wherein the scope and hidden opportunities have been identified and analyzed. New avenues are looked at in order to boost business. The Coordinated Process draws optimal benefits from an individual project, assesses weaknesses that hold up the project from maturity, and apply the results to other core areas for effective strategies.

At the Cross-Boundary Process Management level, the business is doing well on the whole. Many of the underlying basics are right, and profits are emerging. However, imminent issues have not been tackled and future prospects have not been considered, which will create glitches in the long run. Businesses at the level of Goal-Driven Processes have an efficient system in place, and their projects have reached maturity so that first-rate results can be delivered in future tasks.

The highest level of maturity attained by a business is Optimized Processes. At this level, desirable outcomes are achieved and perfect balance exists among varied conflicting goals. Process excellence is achieved in all goals. Application of advanced technologies has enabled the organization to make time-bound deliveries and reap profits.

The Gartner BPM maturity model is used on an individual basis to obtain values and scores for BPM enterprises. This model is a useful guide to BPO companies that helps them recognize their shortfalls and strengths. This aids in the development of business process programs that will wean them away from a torpid path and into a new terrain of growth and development.

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