Ghana eyeing the outsourcing market

Ghana is a country in Africa which has population of nearly 25 million people and it has got around 100 different ethnic groups. The GDP of Ghana is considered very low when compared to other developing countries and it stands at USD 18 Billion. Accra in Ghana was at one time listed as one of the riskiest cities for offshore outsourcing in 2010. The country is slowly looking to shed that image and is trying to project itself as a promising outsourcing destination. Now Ghana is known as one of the fastest developing nations in the world for BPO. IT-BPO sector of Ghana has grown by 25 % in recent years.

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The country is going to face a general election in 2012 and the focus of political parties in now to address the issue of unemployment among the graduates. The country’s leading political party Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has indicated its intention of focusing on BPO industry whereby they believe that, it will help in reducing the unemployment rate to a great extent. This intention was made public in the run up to the 2012 general elections. It is believed that if good focus is given on BPO industry, then that is enough to absorb all the graduates coming out of the colleges in Ghana.

Some of the major infrastructural issues which are not allowing Ghana’s outsourcing industry to take off are:

  • Non reliable electricity &
  • Less reliable Broadband connections

Apart from taking steps to improve on the required infrastructure for outsourcing, the focus should also be:

  • To increase the number of skilled workers for this sector
  • To improve the telecommunication network
  • To resolve ethnic issues prevailing in the country &
  • To improve the overall standard of education

Ghana has a low cost of living and has a stable government but for the outsourcing industry to surge ahead more needs to be done. Ghana has been struggling with its literacy rate which is 65% and the less number of internet users. It has got the lowest number of internet users which is just 4.2 per 100 persons.

Some of the advantages which Ghana has for outsourcing industry to flourish are:

  • Political stability
  • Use of English Language as official medium of communication
  • Flexible nature of Ghanaians
  • Economic labour cost
  • Growing use of information technology
  • Zero taxes
  • Exemption on custom duty for research and development &
  • Shares the same time zone with United Kingdom

The new government which takes charge in 2012 should focus on outsourcing industry as Ghana has immense potential to be one of the fast developing outsourcing destinations in the world.

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