Gujarat cities picking up pace in BPO Growth

October 3, 2011: We have seen Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi emerging as favorite destinations for BPO and IT business in India, but now there is a new, most preferable destination being added up in the list. 

Yes!! The various cities in Gujarat are emerging as favorite destination for many million dollar global players as well as domestic player. Gujarat as a state is one of the rapidly developing state in the nation which has already made contributions in many sectors and industries. As far as Business Process Outsourcing industry is concern, it is Bangalore still in the top positions which might also be crowned with the tag line as innovative hub of Asia in the near future.

Mentioning about Gujarat, in the recent time trend has drastically changed and many cities in the state are focusing on the untapped opportunities available in Business Process Outsourcing industry as such. As we know Gujarat government is always supportive in the uplift of infrastructure in the cities. Considering one of the major city, that is Ahmedabad today holds employment for many young graduates to start up their carrier in the BPO industry.

All this transformation are happening because of the warm welcome given by the state government for IT and BPO industry and also because various competitive advancements that the state has achieved. For instance if we take Gujarat, the state has competitive office-spaces at reasonable price; it also provides uninterrupted power supply. Moreover the security system followed in the state is also appreciable.

Today the BPO sector in the state is growing at the rate of 15 % annually which also holds immense work force with proficiency in English to enhance voice process and non voice process. It is also seen that the knowledge process outsourcing is also picking speed in business.

Any how the growth in the sector is an ultimate opportunity for the state to tackle issue such as the unemployment and other related problems. For the time being most of the outsourcing service providers in the state delivers services to overseas clients apart from the domestic clients. The companies such as Motif Inc which employed 15 employees 9 years back has a grown to hold immense work force of around 2000 today. See the change and scope of development in the Outsourcing industry.

It is anticipated that in the near future we could see more foreign direct investments flowing down into Gujarat which will not only enhance the economy of the state but also provide employment in abundance. With large number of talented, well educated students passing out every year and most appreciable infrastructural facilities, the cities in Gujarat such as Ahmedabad and Vadodara are most preferred for outsourcing. 

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