How BPM and Enterprise Architecture can be synchronized?

October 10, 2011: Business Process Management is a process to improve the efficiency of any organization through a holistic approach aiming on engaging all aspects of a company to fulfill the needs of the customers.

Today companies, particularly in the BPO and IT sector are more focusing on activities to enhance and improve the processes and for that business process management is an inevitable factor. To enhance processes in an organization, BPM engage in many activities and models out of which one of the most important models is the Federal Enterprise Architecture Business Reference Model promoted by US Federal Government.   

Organization which combines Business Process management and Enterprise Architecture will obviously get good results which will also help the organization to grow in the right track. To make a clear understanding on the relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management it is necessary to learn some of the important functions of Business process management which has relation to TOGAF 9 phase.

In the Business Process Management, there is a relationship between business reference model and business architecture as these two performs some related activities such as selecting reference models. There are also similar viewpoints and tools being implemented by both such as generic business models and etc.

If we consider business process improvement methodologies in BPM and business architecture in TOGAF, both uses the targets business architecture for achievement of healthy atmosphere in the organization. It could also be noticed that both implement change management for business developments and business innovations. It also helps in business technology innovations and strategic change.

Other common features are business transformation, business rules management and also business process outsourcing activities which includes migration planning to identify various projects and its importance.

Moreover the business process modeling and design in BPM and business architecture has some common goals such as structured analysis. In structure analysis there are functions such as key business functions, mapped on to organization units, breakdown into services process modeling and identifies elements of process. Business process modeling and business architecture will also helps to over come the cultural shift seen in the industry.       

The preliminary phases of TOGAF and BPM tools, business activity monitoring conduct functions such as evaluation and selection and also enhances communication capabilities.

Thus it could be undoubtedly stated that a perfect relationship could be observed between business process management and Enterprise Architecture framework such as the TOGAF which can deliver immense benefits to the functioning of various processes in an organization.

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