How call center outsourcing can erode brand value?

October 16, 2011: Will any company compromise on its brand name?

It might be quite an unusual question, as no would make any kind of compromise as far as brand name is concerned. But if you are depending on call centers for sales and services than you need to be more conscious, because Call Centers might ruin your brand name or brand value. It depends on the quality of the services the call center offers you. There are number of call centers in the outsourcing industry today, but how reliable are those is the big question. Before selecting a third party vendor or service provider, one should do thorough investigation to find out the capabilities and advantages the call center holds. It is up to us whether we maintain the dignity of our brand or ruin it by giving the third party an opportunity to.

If you think that depending on in-house marketing is a better option to avoid such threats, then you might be mistaken again. It is not just that only call centers would ruin your identity, in-house marketing wings are not even error free.

All that is required is a proper understanding of the benefits and risk factors in selecting the services of call centers. Apart from the negative side there is a wider positive side too; cost effectiveness is one of the most prior as it is known. Basically, companies prefer outsourcing only for cost effectiveness but there are much additional benefits too. One among which is the maximum utilization of the benefits from call centers that would help to grow the firm. If you consider the in-house marketing team, you need to make payment for the non-productive time where as in outsourcing, that is not an issue at all.    

As far as threats regarding maintaining the brand of the company are concern, one of the best options might be to avoid call centers with higher number of seats. The company should outsource the services to call centers which have the maximum number of 200 seats. This is because more attention will be given to each individual employee and thus mishaps might be rectified in the initial stages itself. Moreover if you are looking for domestic outsourcing then probably call centers in the rural might be more preferable.  And if it is global or international outsourcing then you might be very conscious on the cultural and language related issues.    

If the company goes through such thorough research, planning and study then threats related to brand image might be minimized. It’s high time; one should realize that cost effectiveness is not just the only factor which they should focus on. Proper evaluation of the threats and risks must be understood and strategic approaches must be taken to avoid those.   

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