How can Big Data be Useful for Developing Nations?

Big Data is rapidly becoming an essential aspect of business for many industries. However, the advantage of using Big Data is not limited to business and industries alone. The use of Big Data can be helpful for several developing countries in the world.

Let us take a look at some of the advantages that Big Data can offer for the developing nations.

Improvement in Services

One of the common issues of developing nations is the improvement in services. Big Data can play a crucial role in improving services in various fields, such as healthcare, transport, education, etc.

1. Big Data In Health Care

Big Data can be effective in the healthcare sector by helping in proper and timely diagnosis of diseases and rendering of appropriate treatment. Patients will have better access to information regarding health care providers.

Big Data can also help in saving costs for patients through accurate identification of diseases and reduction in the need of unnecessary tests.

2. Big Data In Transport

Transport is another field where Big Data can be very useful. The data collected through various sources like GPS, sensors, etc. can be used to control traffic and avoid traffic jams or accidents. In case there is a jam due to unavoidable circumstances, the use of Big Data can help to manage traffic and divert incoming traffic from the jam route.

This can help in saving commuting time as well as making commuting smoother for the general people.

3. Big Data In Education

Big Data can play a big role in improving education. It can be used by educational institutions to monitor the progress of students and take measures to help individual students to overcome their weak areas. It can be helpful to keep guardians regularly informed about the progress of their children.

It can also be used to measure the effectiveness of the teaching methodology adopted by the educational institute.

Improvement in Infrastructure

Big Data can be helpful in improving infrastructure in the developing nations. Most developing nations face infrastructural issues, such as bad roads, leaking pipes, broken power lines, etc.

Bad road conditions. Photographer Wonderlane (Flickr)

Bad road conditions. Photographer Wonderlane (Flickr)

With Big Data, such issues can be identified and solved before the problem aggravates and takes on a major shape. This can help in maintaining better infrastructure.

It can be also help to streamline costs as urgent and expensive repairing can be avoided if the problems are solved on time.

Improvement in Food Productivity

Big Data can help in the increment of food productivity. The use of Big Data in agriculture can have far reaching results, such as, increased production of crops, increment of food security and improvement in the income of farmers.

Today there are several means of accessing data that deals with agriculture and farming. Farmers can use such data and information to make better use of natural resources for their farming. The use of technology can help farmers to gain insights into weather patterns, weather predictions and crop performance in relation to the predicted weather.

These are just a few areas where Big Data can have an impact in the developing nations. There are many other ways through which Big Data can improve the life of the people in the developing nations and help them to lead better and smarter lives.

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  1. Very useful article to show how big data is evolving and changing the world.Most of the new companies needs data analysis for there expansion and for future predictions.Apart from healthcare,transport and education it is an opportunity for Media industry to understand the issues concerning the vast amounts of content it creates.

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