How Cloudsourcing is changing the employment landscape

Cloudsourcing is the new buzz word in the IT industry. It is also referred to as second generation outsourcing, which basically refers to changes the relationship between the outsourcing service provider and the customers. Now the service provider is seen more as a business partner.

Cloudsourcing is a one stop solution to run business from the public cloud. This process enables the business firms to gain access to people with varied skill sets, subject matter expertise of various verticals and business philosophies virtually.  The technology enables the firms to access skilled and expert global resources at a low cost without investing on infrastructure. The business in turn can re-invest the money saved on hiring and thus create more jobs on cloud platform. Cloudsourcing enables the business to outsource IT task to cloud and focus on the core activities which they need to manage on their own.

The benefit of cloudsourcing is that it enables to source the workers anywhere from the world. This has brought in a paradigm shift in the employment landscape. The virtual access to people who provide service offers company a competitive and flexible workforce.

Some of the features of cloudsourcing are listed below:

  • The cloud platform can connect projects that are on-air anywhere from the world. The projects are broken down into individual components and the tasks are uploaded to the cloud platform. The skills required for each task are matched with the available labor force on the platform and then assigned to the employee. This allows the management to complete the task at low cost without compromising on the quality.
  • There are platforms like Taskrabbit which help the employers to seek resources who need additional help. The firms provide description of the work to be completes. The on-demand workforce then displays the skill sets they possess and bid a rate to complete the task.
  • Another set of workforce who benefit from the platform are the Freelancers. The cloud platform helps the employers to manage the cloudsourced staff by creating a team of freelancers for a project which are handled by qualified professional who work online.

Hence cloudsourcing can transform the way firms will do recruitment now, especially small and medium firms can find a low cost alternative means to having skilled resources on board to complete projects and tasks at hand. 

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