How to get BPM done right?

Business process management (BPM) services help the business and the companies to implement better management practices and change business outcomes as desired. For any process management service to be successful it requires the proper analysis of the requirements and well formulated change management strategies. The business process management solutions should be accurate, complete, and measurable and moreover should align with the business goals.

  1. Accurate: The requirements should be clearly specified and described to all the stakeholders.
  2. Complete: The solutions designed should capture the requirements of the end-user.
  3. Measurable: Along with the solutions, the methods to measure the solutions should also be specified.
  4. Align with the business goals: The solutions designed to manage a particular process should align with business goals.

In order to get the business process management solutions right and effectively implemented it is always wise to fully document the requirements and to embed the changes that arise after finalizing the requirement phase through change management process.

A structured and phased approach will help the companies to get their business process management solutions implemented in the right path. Below is a discussion of the different phases to be followed in order to get the process management solutions implemented in the right way.

  1. Phase I
    In this phase, the clients should identify the requirements of the business and which business processes needs to be managed by an external service provider to get the desired outcome.
  2. Phase II
    In this phase the buyer as well as the service provider should understand the goals of the individual business processes. In the second phase, the clients should identify the current status of the process and define what the process needs to be in the future. The key performance indicators of the process need to be identified to measure the success of the new solution implemented.
  3. Phase III
    In this phase, after capturing all the requirements and analysis of the requirements, designing of the process management solutions can be started. It is always advisable to start with the desired output and the steps. This will help to define the inputs and functionality of the process clearly. This means the companies should insist the service providers to follow a top down approach to design the solutions.

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