How to make BPM deployments successful

It is quite common that many enterprises fade out when it comes to deploying business process management solutions (BPM) over a long term. Though many firms start with a success, they fail to extend the success to multiple projects. There is always a challenge of crossing the chasm as it happens with any new technology adoption.

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However, as compared to ERP or CRM projects, the chances that BPM can be rolled out much faster and successfully to multiple projects and processes is quite high. Enterprises need to understand that they need to pick smaller battles rather than going in for a complete transformation as they usually does with an ERP project.

Any enterprise irrespective of the size of operations must identify quick win opportunities and identify those processes where a BPM solution can make an impact quickly and give your desired results. The results could be anything from cost savings to process efficiency or productivity improvement. Success of BPM project lies in the identification of right processes to implement the same and also in solution partner. Through this article my attempt is to give some simple steps to ensure that an enterprise can cross the chasm when it comes to adopting BPM solutions and achieving success over a long term.

One of the common mistakes that we make while deploying BPM is downplaying its potential. We use some tools like Outlook and automate a simple process and then call in BPM. However there could be areas where we can apply BPM solutions to deliver more impact on the outcomes. Ofcourse it comes along with some risks too. It needs proper analysis, implementation and ROI review to assess the impact on larger magnitude tasks.

Steps to deploy BPM successfully

  1. Choose the right smaller battles: It is very important that an enterprise always has this vision of choosing battles that can be easily and quickly won. Care should be taken to mitigate the risks of failure. Don’t go by the notion of picking up something huge and try to prove a point across the whole organization. The risk attached to such an approach is that it may be hard to justify ROI in some cases; hence it is always safe to choose projects where we can have quick wins.
  2. Prove the success to the management and stake holders: Having an approach where we choose smaller battles and ensure quick wins would help to gain traction for BPM solutions among the stake holders and top management. This would help to recommend new battles for implementing BPM easily and justify investment in BPM projects
  3. Choose the right partner: Unlike ERP or CRM, you don’t need to go in for big vendors when it comes to deploying BPM solutions. Choosing the partner who has the right solution and experience to fix a specific process can be chosen. Since we are fighting smaller battles and looking for quick wins, seeking services of specialists always help. More over the investment you need to make a smaller specialist vendor is relatively smaller compared to established big bang vendor.

These three steps indicate that as an enterprise you need a fundamental shift in thought process while choosing projects and vendors to make BPM projects successful. Once you do these basic steps, crossing the chasm would be much easier.

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