Huge potential for print outsourcing in India

February 28, 2012: India is ranked as the 6th biggest player printing industry across the globe, with entire range of activities and services available in the country. It holds 3rd position in terms of the number of books published in English and is also known for the services offered at a reasonable price. This has made India a major player in the international printing area.

More and more global publishers are looking forward to outsource their work to India as India has advantages in different fields such as English language, and competence in Information Technology and Digital technology. Moreover, the legal environment in terms of copyright protection is also strong enough, which is another important factor that publishing houses consider while outsourcing.

Estimates show that more than 55 per cent of the global publishing outsourcing is based in India. Analysts say that the publishing outsourcing industry in India will be worth USD 1.2 billion by the end of 2012. The services offered by the Indian publishing outsourcing companies include data conversion and copy editing. The other services include digitization and also project management. The major sections in the publishing industry that outsource their activities include STM publishers, newspapers and magazines.

Statistics shows that the Indian publishing industry is expanding at a rate of 12 per cent annually. This is made possible by the technological advancements and the state of the art printing technology.  In addition to this, development in infrastructure, assistance from the government and penetration of communication technology has lead to the changes in the industry over the last few years.

However there are few reasons for the poor performance when compared to competitors such as China. The publishing industry in India is highly fragmented and that has resulted in low scale of operation. Even though India is one among the largest publishers in the world, the industry in India is far behind in terms of the marketing initiatives. The industry is also behind when it comes to co-ordination among the stake holders.

The government has brought about legislations to solve the issues related to piracy and copyright. There are also initiatives such as literature festivals organized in various parts of the country. This will attract players from other countries too and thus will help in expanding the industry. There are also initiatives such as collaboration and consolidation which will make the industry more strong and competent. This will increase the cost advantage that we have in India as service providers will be able to increase their scale of operation.

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