Indian firms recruit overseas employees to be on the safer side

September 6, 2011: While considering outsourcing, India has already achieved great milestones and has become one of the super powers in BPO and IT business. From past three decades the industry is growing and has made many wonders for the nation to be proud of. Indian companies Infosys, Wipro and TCS are among the top companies in the IT sector with huge number of workforce. The work force of Infosys alone comes around 133,560.

For the past five years the Indian companies have grown at a significant pace that they have even started overseas centers, particularly in the US. At this point of time where more and more India players are focusing on overseas units, the question is who will work in these units? Whether it will be the Home Country Nationals or the Host Country Nationals!

Today Indian players are finding it more comfortable to adopt foreign centric recruitments policies apart from Indian centric. Companies are in preparations to hunt US based employees for the new units in US. The reason for this strategic decision has two sides, both positive and the negative. While concentrating on the positive side the company has immense opportunities to overcome the cultural difference and threat created to the business because of cultural problems. Hiring US based employees will moreover leverage smooth customer support and other services. It is also useful for them to tap the opportunities available in the overseas and other near shore market and also helps timely delivery of services and products.

We should not forget that one of the main threats faced by US based Indian firms is the Visa policies followed by the country. New laws are expected in US on the Visa policies at present. As a result in the long run Indian firms may find it very difficult to recruit employees from India. At present the nation is going through tuff time, where unemployment is ruling many sectors. Any further step taken by the government authorities to overcome this problem may have a negative impact on the overseas employees in US, thus Indian players focusing one US based recruitments to make themselves on much safer side.

It cannot be neglected that the strength of Indian firms is the availability of highly skilled employees well versed in delivering quality service and products. Now is a big question for these companies that whether the foreign employees can maintain the standard. The training and development team has to put extra effort. More over loyalty of the foreign employees is also questionable.

At this point of time where the US economy is unpredictable, the decision by Indian firms is very wise.

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