iPhone Application Development: Outsourcing Opportunities for India

August 29, 2011: iPhone is one of the most popular gadget we can find in the global digital world today which provides end number of facilities. But, can you imagine an Apple gadget without all the innumerous applications available in it.

It will be quite difficult for you to imagine. Yes, without the applications and software support these gadgets are good for nothing. And it will be quite interesting to know that the most of the developers of these innumerous software and applications are from India.

There are many first movers in India such as MoFirst who are already providing services to many foreign clients with respect to developing and maintaining applications for iphone devices. MoFirst, located in Mumbai can create compelling applications and software programs for Apple Inc at a cheaper rate compared to U S and U K. MoFirst is a small firm with around 20 employees working together to develop different application software as per the requirement of global clients.

Now is this a beginning of another outsourcing revolution in India. It might be much early to comment on that, but yes there is huge scope.

India has already showcased good history in outsourcing and also in providing services and software solutions to clients across the globe. At the present scenario where the digital and computing world is running with Apple applications and Android software, there is much for our programmers to contribute. There are many firms in India who are into the process of developing different application software with global standard.

An Indian software developer charges 15 to 20 dollars per hour from one client whereas it is 50 to 100 dollars charged by software developers in U S and U K. It is not just MoFirst, companies such as Elance Inc believes that the iPhone stuff is very hot in the market and Programmers who are experts in this domain have serious demand in the market.

Thus it is a good time for Indian players to concentrate more on providing and developing applications for iPhone and Android devices as well. The probability on foreign companies depending more on Indian software developers is very high.  The rise of mobile technology and application developers is a sign for good time for outsourcing in the Indian technology companies. Other factor in favor of the Indian developers is that India itself is one of the largest markets for consuming such iphone and android applications.

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